Benefits of swimming

Benefits of swimming

It’s not an easy job, but there are many benefits to being a lifeguard:

  • They pay you comparatively well.
  • You have a flexible schedule in an informal environment.
  • You get to hang out with interesting people and make great friends.
  • You cool off in the pool during your breaks.
  • You gain a lot of customer service experience.
  • You learn responsibility and how to anticipate potentially dangerous situations.
  • Gain valuable life-saving skills that will stay with you throughout your life, and may even prove valuable in future jobs.

I became a lifeguard when I was just 15 years old, and even though I tried several other part-time jobs in high school and college, I kept coming back to lifeguarding. In fact, I got my first “real” job after college because I had been a lifeguard. I was looking for a full-time sales position at a new gym, and when I walked in for my interview, the hiring manager said, “I see you were a lifeguard. We’re actually hiring for an Aquatic Department Head.

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Would you want that position?”

They gave me that position and I was able to share that experience in future jobs and promotions. Granted, I gained more experience and certification along the way, but I never would have been able to get such amazing positions if I didn’t have the lifeguard experience.


As my “day in the life” scenario demonstrates, not everything about being a lifeguard is positive. It can be boring, tedious, crude, and annoying.

There are days when customers will yell at you for no reason. There are times when you’ll get tired of “babysitting” all the kids in the neighborhood. There will be regular customers who are completely crazy, and there is always a lot of “group drama” to deal with between co-workers. But, from my experience, all the negatives are outweighed by the positives. You can also read more knowledgeable articles on

Lifeguards: not just for children

Just because life guarding is a perfect part-time job for teens doesn’t mean it’s not the perfect job for you either. As a former aquatics manager, I can not only attest to the fact that I loved my adult employees, I can tell you why adults should flock to fill these positions:

  1. Most managers value the added sense of responsibility that adult employees bring to the table, and will try to be as flexible as possible to meet scheduling requirements.
  2. Pool managers have a hard time filling day shifts because high school and college students are in class. If you’re looking for part-time work during the day, pools are often very busy.
  3. The pay is better than many other part-time positions, and you may be able to attend free training courses in swimming lesson instruction and aquatic exercise instruction, both with an even higher pay rate.
  4. As leadership positions open up at their facilities, managers are more likely to fill them with adult employees, as adults have a level of stability that high school and college students typically don’t.
  5. If you’re entertaining a full-time aquatic or recreational job, you’re more likely to get a full-time position at a recreational or aquatic facility if you’re already working there part-time.
  6. Some facilities offer benefits that can be extended to your entire family, such as discounts on swim club memberships or swimming lessons.

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