Polish passports are considered to be among the finest in the world.

Polish passports

Due to its membership in the European Union, its citizens enjoy visa-free travel to the United States. Consequently, acquiring Polish citizenship is a wise financial move. 

Indeed, it’s one of the cheapest in the European Union. In other words, even those with little financial resources may participate. Or check out residency by investment services.

Does Poland offer a Residence by Investment plan?

There is currently no Golden Visa or Residence by Investment scheme in Poland. However, people who make an investment in a company in the country are eligible for a special visa. Plus, Investors are not required to put up a substantial chunk of money at the outset of the program.

All they need to do is launch their business in Poland. They need to earn EUR 15,000 within a year to be eligible for temporary residence and a permit

Permit length increases with the applicant’s annual income (in multiples of EUR 15,000).

The potential investor has a wide range of asset classes from which to choose. The program offers a variety of choices, including real estate.

The next step after that is to apply for permanent residence. After a period of three years, investors are eligible to submit an application. After a further three years of permanent residence, candidates are eligible for naturalization.

You may also apply for citizenship based on your merits. Investors who invest over 1 million euros in Poland are eligible to apply for naturalization on the basis of their contributions.

Acceptable Industries by the Program

Many different options exist for prospective entrepreneurs looking to get their businesses off the ground. However, getting started with any business requires a unique set of steps.

In a similar vein, Poland clearly delineates the registration requirements and procedures for each different type of business:

  • Joint Stock Businesses.
  • Limited Joint-Stock Collaborations.
  • Corporations With Limited Liability.
  • Partnerships With Limited Liability

In addition, there are a few exceptions to the general norms governing the business program.

Foreign nationals Can Run a Company Out of Poland.

Those who want to form a corporation or partnership in Poland need not register their stay there.

A Polish work permit is not necessary for them to seek work. The applicant must not even live in Poland to own a Polish firm.

Remote (online) registration of the business is possible 

The situation is different for non-native English speakers who hold executive positions in the organization. They need to register for a Polish work permit and meet residence requirements in Poland.

Guidelines for Family Members

Members of an applicant’s immediate family are also granted the same commercial freedoms as the applicant themselves provided, they adhere to the same rules and regulations. 

Entry to Reunite With Other Family.

Even if the primary reason for their coming in Poland was to reunite with other members of their family, family members who possess a temporary residence visa are allowed to engage in commercial business. However, all members of the household must be able to demonstrate that they have a valid residence permit.

Additionally, family members must establish their purpose in doing business as a condition of admittance (through the Registry of Economic Activities).

Perks of Permanent Residency in Poland

Applying for a permanent residency visa allows you to apply for a Pole’s Card, which provides you with the following perks:

  • It’s completely free to enter Poland from any other country.
  • You may submit an application to become a Polish citizen.
  • If you find yourself in a risky spot and need assistance, the Consul is available to assist you.
  • You do not need a work visa to work legally in Poland.
  • In Poland, you’re free to engage in whatever kind of commercial enterprise you choose.
  • You have the right to use the publicly funded university system and seek financial aid.
  • In cases of extreme need, you have access to free medical treatment.
  • Poland’s national train service offers discounts of up to 37%.
  • Museum visits in Poland are entire without cost.
  • Obtaining funding from the Polish government is possible.
  • Your loved ones are welcome to join you in Poland


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