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Given its long history, Istanbul is one of the most important Turkish cities ever; many different and diverse civilizations have punished this city throughout its history. Many people come to this important Turkish city due to its diverse attractions; this city is a cultural heritage with distinction, given that it has the aforementioned advantage. The city is estimated to have about 15 million, with an area of approximately 1,800 square kilometers. The most prominent travel agency in Islamabad guides you to tourist attractions in Istanbul. As mentioned earlier, Istanbul is home to many key and important landmarks, including:

Chora Museum:

Before this building was a museum, it was one of the most beautiful churches, and in the 16th century, it was transformed into a mosque on the orders of the great chest named Ali Pasha. This mosque was transformed back into a museum in the last century in 1948. Romley

Castle Siege:

Built on the orders of Muhammad the Conqueror, one of the most famous Ottoman sultans, this castle is located on the side of the European Bosphorus. Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih Bridge: This bridge is known by another name, the Bosphorus II Bridge, named after the Ottoman Sultan Muhammad the Conqueror. The bridge is estimated to be approximately 1,510 meters long and approximately 39 meters wide. Al-Saqr al-Ramadi canal: This channel is the main source that supplies water to this city. This channel is approximately 920 meters long, and this length is the rest of it.

Yildiz Palace:

This palace, made up of many small houses, was a refuge for Ottoman sultans resting there. Hagia Sophia: This important building was initially built and constructed as a cathedral, then transformed into a mosque, and finally, in the 20th century, it was transformed from a mosque into a museum. Istanbul’s most important religious landmarks Istanbul is famous for its many mosques, the most important of which are:

Sultan Ahmet Mosque:

Built during the reign of Ottoman Sultan Ahmed I, this mosque has another name, the Blue Mosque, which was named after it because it was decorated with blue tiles. Ortakoi Mosque: The other name of this mosque is the Majidi Mosque, which was named after Sultan Abdul Majid I, and was built between 1854 and 1856 AD

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sofia is one of the most important tourist places in Istanbul, located in the Sultanahmet region, and is an ancient monument. The Hagia Sophia was an ancient church in 537 AD and then became a mosque in 1453, but now it is a museum with beautiful mosaics inside it.

Baby Brick Palace

Founded between 1460 and 1478, the palace is one of the city’s most important monuments and was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage List in 1985 and was considered the center of the ancient Ottoman Empire, and contains four large squares linked together, where The first square includes a church called Aya Irene, the second represents a collection of administrative buildings, the third contains the Sultan’s room, a meeting room held by the Sultan, and a library, and it is worth mentioning that the museum houses a collection of precious pieces of weapons, as well as pictures of Ottoman sultans inside the palace.

Blue Mosque

Blue Mosque, a very attractive place for pray has its own charm to see its beauty.

Galatasaray Tower

The tower is one of the most visited destinations in Istanbul; its construction aimed to expand the colony of Genoa in Constantinople and was used – old – for several purposes. Still, now it is an important tourist attraction in the area. The tower consists of nine floors from which the seventh floor can be reached by elevator. The other two floors can reach them up without an elevator. The tower has a restaurant that offers a charming view and picturesque and what is famous. It has a tower of magnificent, charming views of the Bosphorus and the Sea of Marmara.

The splendor of being on two different continents

Istanbul offers the splendor of being on two different continents culturally at the same time, where this city crosses the Asian border towards the European border, Istanbul combines the charm of Asia with the civilization of Europe, Istanbul is famous for its noisy and active nature even at night, with many archaeological places, the most important of which is the Sultan Ahmet Mosque, which offers a spiritual and quiet atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of life, and Istanbul has one of the most important Turkish markets, the Grand Bazaar, which has a diverse quantity Of good quality Turkish goods at reasonable prices.


Known among Turkish tourists that those who have not seen Antalya have seen nothing from Turkey, Antalya is the most tourist-attracting Turkish city, receiving millions of tourists each year, due to the beauty of the picturesque nature, its more than wonderful geographical nature, and its mild weather throughout the year, which has contributed to the diversity of its tourist activities, the most important of which are excursions to the picturesque nature of the Doden Falls region, to explore caves submerged under the waters of the waterfalls.

Coast of Lycee

The coast of Lissia is renowned for being one of the most beautiful coasts of Turkey due to the soft and smooth nature of the sand on its beaches and the sparkle of blue water along this beach. The tourist can enjoy the nature of rural life scattered across the interior of the coast of Asia and tour it to get acquainted with the archaeological sites located there, the most important of which is the old theater. Bodrum Turkey’s best place by travel agents in Lahore lovers of comfort and recreation, dotted with magnificent landscapes and amazing bays, the tourist can navigate these bays by touring one of the boats dedicated to it there, and is famous for its inhabitants and visitors diving, with one of its most famous churches of the 15th century, St. Peter’s Church. For more information about traveling, visit our home page. 


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