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Trump Facebook 700k Contreras

Facebook’s 700k contraras, which has more than 700,000 followers, has morphed into an odd commitment to his political pundits. The Los Angeles Times reports that his followers have formed groups to demonstrate and express their anger (Brian Contreras/Los Angeles Times).

Who is Trump?

American politician, media personality, and businessman Donald John Trump. He served as president of the United States from 2017 to 2021. Everyone has been talking about Trump’s Facebook 700k Contreras in recent days.

Donald Trump was born on the 14th day of June 14, 1946, in Queens, New York. Trump is the son of a wealthy real estate developer, unlike his mother.

As soon as he graduated from college, Trump began working for his father’s real estate company in New York City. The Trump Organization was formed in 1971 when Trump was appointed president of a group of family-owned firms.

Before Trump, he had 700k followers on Facebook

Trump’s Facebook page appears to have been down for several months at first glance.

The former president’s last tweet was sent at 3:14 p.m. on the morning of January 6, 2021, when Capitol violence was raging. In his appeal, he urged everyone at the Capitol to remain calm.

When he posted trump facebook 700k contreras ( Link ) and the website along with several other social platforms, they were allowed to block him for a prolonged period to encourage protests and turn it into an account of the last chaos that followed his presidency ending.
However, it’s not the whole story. Under the husk of a whale’s carcass, whole ecosystems are slowly being created. Trump’s critics and supporters continue to debate and troll under the post’s final comment some months later.

I’m not certain if you’ve seen any of these statements, but I’d like to let you know that we the People love you, Mr. President. Cyndi Lane commented on April 14 – more than 98 days after Trump posted the tweet.

“Hurry back in 2024, or should I say hurry up in 2024”

“I had hoped that maybe someone he knows or works with would show him … that we miss him,” she said. “I am crying over it. I’m concerned that our country is in chaos and I’m not sure of the situation will get better. ”

Trump facebook 700k contreras

There are over 700,000 comments on Trump’s 700k Contreras post on Facebook. There were between 20,000 and 200,000 responses to posts posted before. Responses are posted every few minutes. Visitors to Trump’s website see that the page has been transformed into a kind of informal forum for those who wish to engage with or even discuss Trump’s history.

Reaction to Trump’s 700k Facebook counterattack

Regarding Trump’s Facebook 700k Contreras, we can provide the following references:

“We need to know you hear us,” one fan wrote on April 15.

After Trump’s Facebook 700k contreras and everything on it, I really wish Facebook would just take down this page. I’m talking about … this is an untruth and a joke in the end,” one person wrote on March 14. It was greeted with an answer a couple of days later: “You’re addicted.”. Your relationship is unsatisfactory. Seek assistance. ”

In a similar manner to Twitter’s decision to shut down Trump’s Twitter account. Facebook’s method of blocking Trump has allowed this small yet extremely long-lasting area of political commentary because he cannot access his account or reply to his previous tweets.

I’ve enjoyed looking at the people who write him every day or every other day when I have the time, said Anthony Anderson, 69, an Angeleno who works in education. In spite of living in the liberal part of Los Angeles, Anthony Anderson has met some Trump supporters but not all. “I am trying to gain a better understanding of how Trump people think.”

Comment Details

On the other hand, these discussions are usually posted by conservatives to express their gratitude towards Trump for his work, to discuss conspiracy theories surrounding Biden’s presidency, or to inspire enthusiasm for Trump’s return to office in 2024. It is possible that social media posting serves as a way of getting emotional satisfaction for some people.

“For Trump fans and allies, this site can address an aspect of parasocial relationships or uneven relationships,” said Natalie Pennington, an associate professor of correspondence learning at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. “Even though they realize they aren’t Trump’s friends, these individuals think they’re his companions, which is why they tend to comment in a way that seems coordinated towards him, as though Trump is the one who is composing, reading, and answering them, but he doesn’t answer, because he is boycotted for it..”

Despite being from Oklahoma and unemployed, Andrews did notice the post Trump Facebook 700k contraras, but only after seeing it on her news feed. In her blog post, she said, “I can’t believe Facebook put him back up,” echoing the common mistake where people read old posts, believe it’s new, and believe Trump is permitted to return.

Andrews said, “On Twitter there aren’t any details. The page was deleted, poof. So I thought Facebook did the same.”

Despite the absence of Donald Trump, the page still exists, with his final post still displayed and his comments section continuing to receive responses from people who cannot remember him.


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