What Is The Value Of Living In Maine?


Maine U.S. It is the easternmost country of the state, and is thought for the herbal splendor of its forests and coastline. With those points of interest, but, comes a cooler weather. As a ways as Maine’s value of residing goes, income tax may be a piece high priced for people with higher incomes, at the same time as the country’s income tax is decrease.

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Value Of Accommodation In Maine

According to NeighborhoodScout, the median home price in Maine can be fairly excessive, however the statewide common is $199,477. In Portland, the median domestic price rises to $346,523. In comparison, houses in Lewiston are undervalued with a mean of $153,081. The homeownership rate in Maine is 70.1%, that’s better than the opposite 50 states.

Home appreciation quotes in Maine are not superb, however they may be in line with the country wide common. Based on Neighborhood Scout information, families inside the country liked by means of a mean of 4.49% from 2013 to 2018. The fee has grown regularly even though, because the 2016 to 2018 figures show an annual appreciation rate of over 1% to 5.Fifty nine%.

Let’s find some more interesting topics like these here cost of living in maine

Those who are still at the “hire” side of a rent as opposed to buy choice will observe that the expenses in Maine are appealing. For studios, the median rent is $694, that’s $137 less than the country wide common, in line with 2019 statistics from Apartment Listing. A comparable trend applies to at least one-, two- and three-bed room apartments in Maine. In reality, they’re $189, $233 and $338 underneath the United States median, respectively.


Mainers pay incredibly low strength charges. According to 2017 information from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the common month-to-month power bill in Maine is simply $87.21. This is the bottom average power invoice of any country in New England, and the bottom in the U.S. For context, Maine’s nearest neighbor, New Hampshire, has a very high $114.Ninety five common monthly electricity bill.


Food charges in Maine are not reasonably-priced in any respect. The Missouri Economic Research and Information Center in 2018 Did a examine of grocery expenses around. Compared to the national index of one hundred, food costs in Maine were rated 117.7, the sixth-maximum wide variety national.

In Maine’s biggest city, Portland, food fees comply with the same fashion. Numbeo.Com’s May 2019 records recommends $370.89 in minimal month-to-month spending on food. This is the complete U.S. About $47 greater expensive than the recommended common for , which is $324.10.


Maine gasoline expenses are inexpensive than the national average. According to May 2019 records from GasBuddy, the average fee for a gallon of gas in Maine is $2.Eighty three, that’s the very best in the U.S. K averages much less than $2.92. The accurate news is that the common tour time to paintings in Maine is 23.Eight minutes in comparison to the national common of 26.4.


The earnings tax device in Maine is revolutionary with a backside price of five.80% and a top marginal fee of 7.15%. That 7.15% pinnacle charge is the 10th maximum nation income tax charge in the usa.

There are simplest 3 income tax brackets in Maine. The five.Eighty% fee applies to those with taxable income among $0 and $21,450. In addition, the marginal fee for income between $21,450 and $50,750 is 6.Seventy five%, at the same time as the marginal rate for earnings over $50,750 is 7.15%.

While the kingdom of Pine has a nation income tax of 5.5%, there may be no extra neighborhood income tax for suffering residents. The gasoline tax on ordinary gasoline is 30 cents in step with gallon.

The average effective belongings tax fee in Maine is 1.32%, which is set 10% higher than the national common. Additionally, fees range through county from 0.Ninety four% to 1.62%.


According to CollegeCalc.Org, the common in-kingdom training for Mains for the 2017-2018 academic 12 months was $17,509. Data from the past educational year indicates that lessons has generally accelerated in Maine. In fact, the fee of tuition increased by way of $905, or five.45%, over that one-12 months duration.

Health Care

Maine residents don’t pay lots for healthcare. Although a 2016 take a look at by the Health Care Cost Institute indicates that health care charges inside the Portland metro location are 6% better than the country wide common, this is inside the normal version of a country.

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, personnel of personal groups in Maine pay much less for unmarried coverage healthcare than in different states. These people make contributions $1,311 annually, that’s $104 less than the national average of $1,415.

Miscellaneous Cost Of Living Facts

Cost of Living in Maine:

Maine is famous for its natural splendor. Admission to Acadia National Park fees $30 if you’re arriving with the aid of vehicle and $15 according to man or woman in case you’re arriving through foot or motorbike. Want to have your very own motorbike? It will value you $25.

A price ticket to the beautiful Coastal Maine Botanical Garden will value you $18. There’s plenty of loose a laugh on Maine’s beaches and its old fashioned towns. Be positive to shop for a lobster roll or .

Tips For An Easier Transition To Living In Maine

When you circulate to a new kingdom, you want to determine whether or not you want to hire or buy. If youou do buy a home, it may assist to first figure out how an awful lot domestic you could afford.

A financial advisor may be a huge help in navigating these economic decisions. Finding the right monetary advisor that suits your needs would not ought to be hard. SmartAsset’s unfastened device fits you with monetary advisors on your vicinity in five mins. If you’re equipped to be matched with nearby advisors that will help you reap your monetary dreams, get started now. We additionally provide a list of the pinnacle monetary consultant corporations in Maine.

Selecting a brand new bank is also a prime desire. There are masses of local banks inside the Pine Tree State, such as Bar Harbor Bank & Trust, The Camden National Bank, Katahdin Trust Company, Biddeford Savings Bank and Saco & Biddeford Savings Institution.



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