13 Plus Exam Made Easy: All You Need To Know About The Late Transfer Test


Are you gearing up for the 13 Plus Exam? Like most people, you’re probably wondering what all the fuss is about. After all, the 13+ is a pretty straightforward exam. Well, not exactly. In this article, we will look at all the basics you need to know about the 13 Plus exam, from what it is to what you need to do to prepare for it. 

What is the 13 Plus Exam?

The 13 Plus exam is a general education exam that schools in the United Kingdom conduct as a late transfer test for Year 9. This exam aims to assess a student’s understanding of crucial subjects. The tests include questions related to core subjects (Mathematics, English, etc.). It determines a child’s suitability for Grammar School. It also specifies where they will complete their secondary education.

Many parents have heard of 11 plus exams, mainly if their kids are in key stage 3 and have already gone through the arduous process of applying to secondary schools. To enter a Grammar School after primary education, those who do not pass the 11 Plus entrance exam should sit for it in Year 9. If you want your child to get into prestigious Grammar Schools, then you must provide your child with the best 13 Plus exam tuition to prepare them for this late entrance test.

Unfortunately, a large number of children miss the entry spot. It is mainly due to their 11 plus scores not being good enough. Similarly, parents do not want their kids to appear in 11 Plus exams. Whatever may be the reason, the 13 Plus test is the best chance to enter a prestigious Grammar School.

Which Year Groups Enrol in 13+ ?

13 Plus tests are taken by current Year 8  students to enter Grammar School.

13 Plus tests offer another chance to students who somehow cannot appear in 11 Plus exams. Despite being in secondary school, the student still has a shot. With the 13 Plus exam, the student can give the test mid academic year. It is also known as the late transfer test. It is subject to school rules, local authorities, and particular circumstances.

What are the subjects included in the 13 Plus exam?

In general, the 13 Plus exam comprises English, Maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning, with several schools’ exams including languages and humanities. However, the core subjects in these exams are English, Maths and reasoning. 

The essential point here is that the combination varies with each institution. However, different schools have different criteria. You need to determine which courses a particular school takes in the examination. If the website does not provide the requisite information, you can call for more details. 

How to Prepare for the 13+ Exams

Naturally, you want your child to have the best chance of passing the 13+ or 13+, but is coaching required to get them through the test? It is determined in part by their existing school. For example, if a kid is coming from a private institution where they have had a lot of practice tests. 

Tutoring is not essential. However, many parents, particularly those from public schools, choose to tutor their kids to develop the ability and skills they need to pass the examination.

13 Plus Exam Revision? 

Your child will have the best chance to succeed if they work hard. Early revision allows you to identify subjects your child needs improvement in and allows them to set time for them. Get familiar with exam techniques by learning topics’ core content and practising past papers.

Students can find past papers and specimens on the websites of the two external examination boards, Granada Learning (GL) and CEM (Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring). In addition, some private schools publish their exam results. Children can take on different exams easily, knowing the questions won’t surprise them. 

Scores above 70 are usually enough for passing an exam but aim to score more than 80. Your goal is to use your knowledge effectively. Rather than memorising, you need to think. Therefore, don’t worry if your child cannot focus on maths homework for more than half an hour. There’s nothing wrong with it!

Final Words

13 Plus exams require rigorous preparation. If you see your child struggling with the exam preparation, you should get support from experienced tutors. Online tutors provide personalised attention and tailor the study plan that will suit perfectly to your kid. 13 Plus Tuition is the home to professional and resourceful tutors that can meet your child’s academic needs. 


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