A Quick Guide to Effective Explainer Videos for IT Companies

explainer videos

Today’s modern world is quite distracted, so you and your team needs to work hard and enthusiastically to divert your target audience’s attention towards your business. Using videos is an effective move to show your target market about your offerings and which solution works the best for them. Visual and graphical representations are more compelling than text. Therefore, businesses, brands and multiple organizations utilize effective video marketing plans to engage their audiences right away.

As the modern trends are always changing the demand for custom explainer video production is increasing significantly. Reason being- they tend to grab maximum audience attention than other marketing tools.

Explainer videos are short, simple and informative. They are primarily used to educate specific audience about brand, or its products and services. They are often embedded on landing pages, services pages or other marketing channels. Here we are going to give you a short brief on creating an effective explainer video for IT companies. Let us continue to read!

Why explainer videos are effective for IT companies

Explainer videos are a perfect approach to communicate and convert complex ideas for the understanding of your target audience. They work as a perfect medium for IT companies to demonstrate value of product and services and the right way to utilize them. However, there are some factors that are required to pay attention to while creating an explainer video. In the following context we are going to talk about those factors briefly.

Powerful attention grabber

Undoubtedly video works as is one of the leading marketing strategy. People tend to perceive and understand visual content more than written text that is why an explainer video must have a compelling hook at the start of the video. It needs to look professional and include the right kind of information for the viewers. Videos for IT companies can deliver services more effectively because it’s entreating at the same time. Moreover, video helps your audience to understand what the organization has to say to them.

Complex ideas into simple scene

Videos help to break down complex concepts into simple visual images and scenes that deliver information in an informative way. Great explainer videos are an example of content portrayed in a simple yet engaging way for the viewers.

Moreover, if you have complex ideas that you cannot explain in words, there is no need to worry because you have an option to create an explainer video for your audiences to understand your complex ideas in a simple way.

Rapid way to convey information:

Explainer video for IT is an efficient move to convey complex information in a smooth, faster and better manner to the target audience. The flow of information through visuals is faster than it is through text. Hence, we can say that is why the video production is accelerating at a faster pace today.

Boost search ranking

Mostly people discover new products from YouTube (second most popular search engine) it shows that video content significantly boost your search rank and increase web traffic.  Therefore, businesses are opting for a more discoverable and smart strategies. These strategies include the making of videos for businesses since they are a new way of marketing.

Create awareness:

Through Explainer video IT Companies can transfer awareness about their, product and services easily. Creating awareness and running SEO or PPC on the video is a great way to make the video more approachable and popular.

Easy to share:

People love to share interesting content with their family and friends. So appealing video content is shareable by people on different social media platforms. This idea will help your IT Company to grow faster. If people like the video they will definitely pay more attention to your company as well. And most importantly, you will be getting more viewers on the video too.

Bring interest:

The video interact with human emotions at different levels. They have both visual and sound interaction simultaneously. Therefore, many experts focus on the fact that animated video production must be increased to gather more elevate interest of your target market. Well, the experts aren’t wrong when they say this. It offers viewer to interact with companies on a more personal level.

How to make an effective explainer video for IT Company

In today’s competitive marketing landscape, explainer videos are strong and effective marketing force to a business or company, especially for IT companies. But do you know what makes an explainer video effective? Here is the quick guide for effective explainer video for IT companies.

Purpose of video:

Your explainer video should have specific purpose or objective. Know if you are creating a video to educate your audience or to sell the products? Clear purpose will help you to create an effective explainer video.


Researching is important even if you are an expert. Know and understand about your audience’s interests, their likes and dislikes. They are crucial. See, the type of questions being asked by your target audiences. It will help you add the factors to your videos effectively.


Script is an important factor. A well written script is the key to a successful explainer video. Script should be easy to understand. It’s best if you write script by yourself because you know your target audience’s concerns better than anybody else. And the video is where those concerns need to be addressed effectively. Introduce problems which your target audience is currently experiencing in their practical lives. Use visual to show their problem through a storyline and then show your product and services to them. Depict, how they are going to solve those problems instantly.

Benefit, not feature:

We understand having advance features that your competitors don’t have would make huge success, but instead of telling features, tell how your services will benefit them. However, you must focus on the features and break them in to benefits to guide your online users. Also mention them step by step for a better understanding. It would help if you ask yourself what are these benefits all about? And how it will affect your users?

Time Duration:

Give your explainer video the right length. The lesser your video’s time duration the more your audience will remember about your video. Time duration of explainer videos should be 90 sec to 150 sec. we realize you want to tell about your IT Company but this video is meant to be an overview. It will make your audience take next step. Try to make your video concise and to the point.


The main purpose of the video is to explain specific product and services. That’s why voice-over is an essential factor. Therefore, you must ensure the narrator should talk straightforward. It is a must to pick a professional voice-over artist for this task and then edit it on the software to give it a crisp voice altogether.

Music effects:

Music adds multiple colors to your explainer video. By adding music you can control audience’s emotions.  The perfect music effect can create tension, fear, excitement and other emotions in your video. The sound should be in a perfect balance; while person is delivering important dialogs music should not be very high because it will cause hindrance for the viewers to perceive the content furthermore.


Make sure to keep your video minimal and simple that the viewer should pay attention to your overall message. Through visuals and perfect color contrast you can grab viewer’s attention immediately. Work on what needs to come in the scene and see if it works for your explainer video. Before publishing the video, you can easily view it multiple time to track the changes.

Publish your video:

When you finally complete the video. It is time to publish it on social media platforms like YouTube, or even your website. You can also share it on your landing pages and use key description to help audience find your video easily.

Final words

In addition, for effective explainer video for IT Company must address the main points at the very beginning of the video that video. Make high quality video because video quality is an integral factor for a videos success. Make your video with focus and detail in every single stage of its production process. Give your video the right length to elaborate the content in a certain time-period.

Also testing through various tools is a great way to assess the success of your video. Make sure your video conveys the right services in compelling ways with an impactful message to help your viewer’s avail your services.

We hope these tips will guide you to create an effective and impactful explainer video for your IT Company. Good luck!


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