Best Healing Crystals for Beginners


There is a whole world of healing crystals waiting to be explored and discovered. Beginners can be overwhelmed but be awed at the same time. There was a time when healing crystals were considered to be edgy or bogus, but now they have become a lifestyle.

Thanks to celebrities and open-minded people, more and more people are exploring the world of healing crystals. It is quite easy to come across an authentic metaphysical store and get exposure to many healing crystals. However, which of them is best for you?

Here are the best healing crystals that every beginner should have in their presence or at least give a try. 

Amethyst for…

One of the basic yet potent healing crystals to own is Amethyst. Apart from being pretty and available in a wide variety, it is also very versatile. You can use it for various purposes including medical as well as spiritual. You can use it to cleanse your disruptive behaviors, get rid of your addiction, increase your spirituality and enhance your intuition. 

Aventurine for… 

If you are looking for some luck, Aventurine is the one for you. Best known to bring the wearer or a carrier of luck, the aventurine brings money, good fortune, mental powers, and best of all, peace. It is heavily believed that this crystal brings opportunities, enhances career and makes success possible. 

Citrine for…

Another crystal that promises to bring you something you wish; the citrine is the crystal for you if you want to chase success and enhance your powers and energize them. This healing crystal is excellent for removing negative energy and bringing in positive energy. It is often recommended to people who are struggling with their demanding careers and want to figure it out. 

Quartz for…

Clear quartz is best known for its cleansing abilities and healing energies, but that is not all. This particular healing crystal is a jack of all trades. You can use clear quartz for balance, focus, clarity, positivity, and more. If clear quartz is not beautiful enough for you, you can also get rose quartz, which is dainty as well as very popular among women. Rose quartz is often called the love stone for a reason. It is best used for enhancing self-love and making the person open to more opportunities for finding love and accepting it. It also provides forgiveness, compassion, emotional protection, and inner peace. 

What Should You Know?

When you get a crystal, make sure you get the right size. The energy of the healing crystal will depend upon the size of the crystal, which means the bigger crystal will have more energy in it and vice versa. However, bigger doesn’t always mean better. Pick one that you can handle because energy is a thing and it is not good for everyone.

There is a huge misconception that healing crystals can have conflicting energies, but that is not true. However, be sure to use multiple crystals with caution as the crystals can make things happen at the same time and that may be overwhelming for you to manage them all at the same time. 


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