Cloakroom Toilets – 5 Reasons of Having an Extra Small Bathroom in Your Home

Cloakroom Toilets

Small space bathrooms come with many challenges. And if you have decided to install a cloakroom toilet then you should know that the standard toilet would not fix perfectly into the available space. So, you will have to find out the smaller size for it.  Just because you have a small home doesn’t mean you have to forgo having a cloakroom. In fact, there are many reasons why you should consider having a small toilet in your cloakroom. Here are five of them.

Why Cloakroom Toilets?

A cloakroom toilet is a small room, usually located near the entrance of a public building, where people can hang their coats and other outerwear. It is often the smaller space where you try to make it a functional bathroom for everyone. But in such limited space, you want to save as much as possible to have more practical space. Whether you choose a close coupled toilet, back-to-wall toilet or wall-hung toilet design, you should make sure that all these relatively smaller sizes.

Cloakroom toilets may also provide storage for umbrellas and other belongings. In some cases, there may be a small sink or mirror in the cloakroom toilet so that people can refresh themselves before entering the main building. While most such toilets are found in public places, such as schools and offices, they can also be found in homes. Typically, these are much smaller than regular bathrooms and do not have any plumbing fixtures. This makes them ideal for use in small spaces.

Reasons To Consider Having a Cloakroom Toilet 

There are the following reasons to have a small toilet in your home or office

  • Highly Practical an Additional Extra Bathroom

Are you looking to have spare space in your home adding a supplementary bathroom, cloakroom, or toilet can be an incredibly practical way to make use of that space. Not only does it add overall monetary value. But it also provides a much-needed service for you and your family. When you have guests, they will appreciate getting room to go that is close by and effortless to get into. And if you have young children, having an extra bathroom can be a lifesaver. No more waiting or taking guests to one bathroom in the house! Whether you are considering boosting the value of your home. Or merely to make your life more convenient, adding a supplementary bathroom is a wonderful solution.

  • No More Waiting in The Morning

Cloakroom ToiletsMany people start their day by rushing to get ready for work or school. This can often mean that bathroom time is at a premium, and sharing the space with other members of your household can be a challenge. Having a second bathroom, known as a cloakroom toilet, can help to alleviate this problem. Cloakroom toilets are typically smaller than regular bathrooms. But they still have all of the essential features, such as a toilet, sink, and mirror. This means that you can quickly get ready in the morning without having to wait for someone else to finish using the bathroom. 

In addition, cloakroom toilets are often located near the entryway of the home, making them convenient for busy mornings. As a result, installing a cloakroom toilet can be an effective way to reduce morning stress and make your mornings run more smoothly.

  • A Separate Bathroom Guests of Visitors

A cloakroom toilet or visitor bathroom is a great way to accommodate guests in your home It fulfils their needs without them having to walk all the way through your house to use the restroom. This can be especially useful if you have children or pets that you don’t want your guests to interact with. Additionally, a cloakroom bathroom can help to prevent cross-contamination between your family and your guests. The cloakrooms provide a place for them to wash their hands and brush their teeth before they enter your living space. Whether you’re hosting a large party or simply expecting a few visitors, a cloakroom toilet can be a valuable addition to your home.

  • Make Your Home Attractive for Potential Buyers

Your bathroom is one of the crucial rooms in your home. It’s where you start and end your day, and it’s where you can rejuvenate and chill out. So, it’s no surprise that a new bathroom can increase the value of your home or property by as much as 5%. Whether you’re planning to sell your home in the near future. Or you just want to increase its value for yourself, a cloakroom toilet is a great investment.

Final Thoughts

Cloakroom toilets are becoming increasingly trendy, especially in newer homes. These offer a more compact and efficient solution for small bathrooms. Not only does a cloakroom toilet put on higher value to your home. But also makes your life simpler and comfier. If you’re tired of feeling cramped due to lake of space. Then you can imagine owning a cloakroom toilet to solve the problem.


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