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‘I’m nearly crying thinking about it’ – Gazza on Italia 90. It’s been over a decade since Gazza netted the goal that sent Italy to the Euros and the former Tottenham and Chelsea defender has recently published his autobiography, which is packed with a series of eyebrow-raising anecdotes. Among the highlights is Gazza‘s debut against Denmark and his yellow card against West Germany.

Mark Gazza’s autobiography is awash with eyebrow-raising tales

Apparently, the name of the book is a mouthful. The book, however, is awash with the aforementioned eyebrow-raising tales.

In the book, a narrator goes on a tour of England’s recent past. talks about the good, the bad and the ugly. mentions the likes of Jimmy Greaves and Vinnie Jones. also mentions the fabled Three Lions. The aforementioned narrator tells us that a lot of the Three Lions’ recent misfortunes have been traced to poor discipline in the dressing room.

There are plenty of other tales in the book, such as Gascoigne’s scuffle with Gary Lineker’s wife. The narrator, however, does not tell us how many times he actually got involved in the brawl.

It’s no secret that the Three Lions haven’t been the most successful in recent memory, but they’ve managed to find a way to stay in the game. This is due to a number of factors, including the presence of two quality centre-backs in Chris Beckett and John Stones, plus the arrival of a new manager in Alex Ferguson.

Gazzamania in Glenn Hoddle’s book

Despite being a relatively small-time sport, football is an industry that can be surprisingly profitable. And it was in this industry that David Davies found himself tasked with co-authoring a book about the legendary former England manager Glenn Hoddle. However, it is a book that is surprisingly incendiary.

The Last Days of Jonathan Hoddle is a book that lays bare the dark side of the former England manager’s life. The book was co-written by the FA’s Chief Spokesperson David Davies. It tells the story of a footballer whose demons are revealed, and whose life is made even more tragic by the collapse of his marriage.

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In The Last Days of Jonathan Hoddle, Davies describes how Hoddle became antagonised by the press. During the years of relative boom, his antagonism was tolerated. However, once the players began to slip and the results started to go downhill, the attacks began to pile up.

Gazza’s debut against Denmark

During his debut for Lazio against Denmark, Gazza showed off some of his magic. A goal, a volley and an assist all rolled into one game, as the players dominated the midfield. The game sparked some chants and a sense of spectacle.

Gazza’s most impressive moment was his first goal. After a free kick, the striker lofted the ball over the head of Colin Hendrie. This was Gascoigne’s first international goal since 1991. He also set up Nick Barmby for a second goal.

The goal was a landmark in his career. He was the first English player to score in a European competition. It was the first time he had scored a goal in 47 minutes of football. It also earned him the nickname ‘Gazza’.

Gazza’s yellow card against West Germany

Among the many things that are memorable about the 1990 World Cup is the appearance of Paul Gascoigne, England’s star player. During the tournament, Gascoigne played as an attacking midfielder for the team. He is one of the most gifted players of the 80s.

During the semi-final against West Germany, Gascoigne received a yellow card. The game went to extra time. Both teams had chances to win, but it wasn’t until Gary Lineker scored in the 80th minute that the game went to penalties.

In the end, England lost the penalty shootout. The defining image of Italia 90 was Gascoigne’s tears. He was known as Gazza at the time, and became an overnight icon.

Gazza became the first player to sense the pain of defeat. He broke down on the pitch and sobbed into his shirt. He would have been out of the World Cup final had England won.

Gazza’s Euro 96 goal helped diversify football’s audience

During the Euro 96 tournament, Paul Gascoigne scored a goal against Scotland that helped the Three Lions reach the semi-finals. His goal against Scotland was the only one scored by an England team at a major international tournament. It is a legendary moment in English football.

Gazza’s celebration at his goal was aptly named ‘The Dentist’s Chair’. It was a reference to the England squad’s pre-Euro 96 tour of east Asia.

At Euro 96, Gascoigne was under pressure from injury. needed to get regular physio treatment. was also wary of press intrusion. was also struggling with alcohol abuse. He was plied with alcohol before and during the tournament.

The media sensationalised the scandals surrounding Gascoigne. The Mirror survey showed that 86 per cent of readers wanted him to be expelled from the tournament.

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