How Lots Did Kimbo Slice Cost When He Died?


Kimbo Slice is a legend amongst UFC lovers. He might not have been a champion in his lifetime, but he has however left a long-lasting legacy inside the battle sports activities global of boxing, MMA, and extra. Take an examination of Kimbo Slice’s existence, legacy, and net worth at the time of his demise. Click here

Kimbo Slice Became An Outdoor Brawling Legend

According to LiveAbout, Kevin Ferguson, higher known as Kimbo Slice, moved to Florida at an early age. As a teenager, it became apparent that he turned athletically proficient. Slice played soccer in excessive college and was provided an athletic scholarship to the University of Miami.

After leaving college, Slice tried out for the Miami Dolphins. He made it into his pre-season squad, but unluckily, his football profession ended there. After his bad soccer career, Slice commenced using his length and strength for other jobs. He changed into a bouncer and bodyguard earlier than videoing the brawl in the backyard.

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Slice became no longer only a prominent fighter, having recorded the most effective loss of the time, however, he was also a growth promoter. In these backyard boxing videos, Slice introduces the arena to Jorge Masvidal, who became only 19 at the time. These motion pictures have become extremely famous, and soon, so did Slice. In reality, those films were how he was given his nickname in step with his Celebrity Net Worth.

Kimbo has usually been a nickname for Kevin Ferguson, and, in his first backyard boxing combat, he stabbed a big slit in his opponent’s eye. This is how they got here to be called Kimbo Slices. In any case, many fanatics wanted to see how he might perform in actual competitions, so Slice started his professional fighting career.

His Early Expertise Preventing Career

LiveAbout reports that Kimbo Slice joined EliteXC, a new MMA outfit in 2007 that wanted to make a call for itself. Slice was its biggest superstar, and lots of watched him fight. Slice executed very well, considering that not many humans expected to win against actual and experienced MMA combatants. In 2008, Slice ousted two MMA legends, Tank Abbott and James Thompson.

However, it did not take long for things to come crashing down for his MMA profession. Slice’s next fight was in Australia on the Anthony Mundine vs Daniel Geale undercard on January 30, 2013. He defeated Shane Tilyard (6-6) by TKO in the second round.

In past due 2008, Slice changed the schedule to fight another MMA legend, Ken Shamrock. However, Shamrock was injured. As such, Seth Petruzzelli changed into an added-in as an alternative. No one surely knew Petruzzelli, so most people anticipated a smooth win for Slice. This did no longer happen, and Kimbo Slice was already knocked out in 14 seconds of the first spherical.

According to LiveAbout, this caused the dismantling of EliteXC as an employer. Soon, Slice joined the UFC, however, he also disappointed the expectations there. Kimbo Slice defeated Houston Alexander in a completely uninteresting first fight and was then knocked out in his subsequent fight through Matt Mitrione. After simply bouts, Slice become launched by the UFC after which started his boxing profession.

Kimbo Slice’s Later Profession And Net Worth At The Time Of His Death

Kimbo Slice’s boxing career become more of a success, mainly because he fought only less-professional opponents. Slice’s document in boxing become 7-0, but quickly, he joined Bellator MMA for every other shot at mixed martial arts combating. In the end, Slice had to combat Shamrock and was capable of taking him out.

Unfortunately, in the remaining combat of Slice’s career, Slice fought Dada 5000 (a prison called Dhafir Harris). Many argue that it changed into one of the worst fights ever, as both guys had been too worn-out to fight each other. Kimbo Slice died of a heart assault in 2016 at the age of 42, some months after he struggles with Grandfather 5000.

At the time of Kimbo Slice’s death, Celebrity Net Worth became predicted to be well worth around $500,000. While that isn’t always several money for a professional athlete, Slice’s legacy lives on through his son, Kevin Ferguson Jr. (additionally known as Baby Slice), who is currently preventing for Bellator

He was given a danger in MMA as he made his debut at Cage Fury Fighting Championship five in June 2007, wherein he defeated his opponent with a guillotine choke in the first spherical. Slice worked his way up to Elite XC in 2009, prevailing in four of his first 5 fights with the organization.


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