How to Create an Elegant Country Style Kitchen without Breaking the Bank

Solution for a kitchen corner storage in a cupboard. A corner unit with pullout shelves for cookware

For many homeowners, renovating their kitchen seems like an expensive, time-consuming process that can only be done at the cost of other renovations or life expenses. The good news is that this doesn’t need to be the case! With some careful planning and budgeting, you can create an elegant country style kitchen without breaking the bank. Read on to discover how to get the look you want while still making your wallet happy.

Planning is Key

You may not be able to remodel your kitchen on a budget, but there are ways you can create a country-inspired space with what you have. For those of us who live in older houses, or those who love something with a rustic feel, the key is finding elements that are not too expensive but will give your kitchen that alluring country style. The first thing to do is look for lacquered cabinet doors. They’re easy to find and come in many different colors, so it’s simple to find a color that suits your home’s décor. Next comes flooring. You don’t need anything expensive for this–you can simply paint your existing flooring or lay down inexpensive vinyl and then cover it with rugs and runners until you can afford new floors.

Start with a Basic Design

A simple design can be elegant and chic. Start with a basic design and then add accents such as color, texture, or patterns to get your desired look. For a more country-style kitchen, you might choose lighter colors like cream or light blue. You could also go for dark browns and yellows in order to create a cozy feeling. Consider adding some small details such as porcelain knobs on cabinets or patterned rug for texture. You can also use lacquered cabinet doors instead of standard doors for added elegance.

Go DIY For Smaller Items

There are many ways that you can create a country style kitchen in your home. One way is by using allure kitchen cabinet lacquered cabinets which can be achieved with a little bit of elbow grease and some paint! Allure cabinets come in different colors, so you can pick what best fits your home and your family’s needs. Another way to make your own country-style kitchen is by purchasing vintage items from garage sales or flea markets and refinishing them yourself, making them have that rustic, antique feel. This will give you the opportunity to personalize it however you like, but it will also save money!


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