How to Make a Custom Bath Bomb Packaging Box Using a Kraft Box

Bath Bomb Packaging Box Using a Kraft Box

Whether you’re selling bath bombs as a home-based business or as a way to earn some extra cash and gifts for friends, customizing your packaging is the best way to stand out from your competitors. Then, of course, you can create the most incredible bath bomb ever. If it comes in dull bath bomb packaging, nobody will see how great it is! Follow our guide below on how to make a custom bath bomb box using Kraft paper.

  1. How to make a custom bath bomb box
  2. Creating the box for your bath bombs from Kraft paper and tape.
  3. Adding your logo to the box.
  4. Making a lid for the box using cardstock and a hairband or ribbon.

How to make a custom bath bomb box

Bath bombs are a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to make your bath extra special. And, they make great gifts. But the problem is that they’re a pain to store. You end up putting them in a plastic bag and then putting that plastic bag inside of another plastic bag. So you end up with five to twenty bags of bath bombs. If you can store bath bombs in reusable containers, you’ll always be ahead of the competition. Customize your bath cleaning products to stand out from your competitors. There are several types of wrapping paper you can use for packaging bath bombs.
However, kraft paper is the best to use. It’s easy to peel and tear and gives your bath bomb a distinctive look, just like a random post-It note covered in gold glitter. Next, remove old toilet paper roll wrappers all around your bathroom. You’re going to be wiping your butt uncontrollably for half an hour if you’re not using toilet paper. Use a paper money clip to take the wrapping paper from the roll to get to the toilet paper roll! Finally, wipe down the toilet seats every time you’re done using the toilet. That way, you’ll be wiping the shit out of those slips at least once. Also, before you flush the bowl, please turn on the cold water setting on the tank to kill all the germs before they have a chance to grow.
Makeshift storage containers are great for storing small things. However, if you’re willing to put in a little elbow grease, you can create a more elaborate storage container. And you will at least save money! But first, let’s take a look at what you can make out of the bottom half of a WordPress template. I use this WordPress template for my affiliate marketing business. I make do with a business card holder from Dollar Tree, which is smaller and holds only two cards. However, these are not practical for daily use.

Creating the box for your bath bombs from Kraft paper and tape.

The paper mache technique is super fun and easy to do. First, you want to create a box from Kraft paper. Then you want to coat the box with a layer of glue and add some newspaper. Now you have to coat the newspaper with glue and add more layers of newspaper until you’re happy with your coating. Finally, top it with a big pinch of flour and some baking soda.
I find that adding flour and baking soda helps to soften the paper. It’s a lot easier to work with Kraft paper than fine, tear-off paper. Next, let your imagination run wild with label designs and fun packages. These ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. Get creative and take them to the next level by molding, embossing, etching, and more with Kraft paper.
Pretty much anything you want to print on it is possible! A custom label and some gorgeous photos make a winning package. Having pictures on your packaging can help you sell your product more than just a “plastic toy.” Custom pictures add value to the package and help customers add more personal touches to their gift. Crafting your bath bomb box and using kraft paper is a great way to stand out from the rest. The paper mache technique is hands-down fun to do — and it’s also super easy to scale so that you can use it for other products as well. So enjoy adding uniqueness and fun to your next purchase by designing a custom bath bomb box using kraft paper.

Adding your logo to the box

Make your customers feel special by adding your logo to the packaging of your products. Before you begin, Collect information. Some people may hesitate to invest in crafting a few boxes, but the thought of securing a list of wholesale clients out of your pack of bath bombs isn’t so daunting. When developing your business plan, you’ll want to collect the following information for your business: Before you begin: Do you have your business or website? If so, record all customers referred to you by the company or website and included this data in your file.
If you don’t have a website, then set one up and record all contact information. Where will customers be coming from? In addition to your website, record all data about where your customers are visiting, plus details about the type of customer they were (home-based, traveling, single, married, etc.). When will customers be returning? In addition to data about why people are coming back, record whether customers are buying multiple tubes of bath bombs. Type of customers you’re aiming to capture? Create a list of potential types of customers, learn which behaviors will earn you the most customers.

Make a lid for the box using cardstock and a hairband or ribbon.

Cut out a circle from some kraft packaging measuring the size of your cube box lid. After that, cut out a triangle and hole the circle. Now cut out a strip of cardstock and glue the circle with the triangle to the center of the cardstock. You can use a hairband or ribbon as a hinge. Now it is time to glue the lid to the box. It will be a good idea to space out your letters and write something special in the center of the box. Next, what you can use it for: our suggested products include a bath bomb, a facial scrub, an energy drink, or any other kind of gift wrap for the bath. Gift boxes for bath bombs are an essential item to keep in your bathroom. It keeps the essentials there, ready for when you need them.


Customizing your packaging is the best way to stand out from your competitors. With a little bit of creativity, you can create excellent packaging for your bath bombs and stand out from the crowd!


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