Online Document Check: Ensuring Complete Protection Against Identity Theft

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Online firms are becoming the standard in the financial sector and are seen as a symbol of development. The world today is more interconnected and technically vulnerable. Fraudsters are never at ease as they seek new ways to achieve their nefarious financial goals. They typically use fake documents to conceal fraudulent transactions or data leaks. Document verification is required to combat financial crimes. The post-Covid situation exacerbated the problem, and AI-powered document check is the only significant technique to prevent phony identity-based fraud.

Bloomberg reports on a $4.8 million fraud involving faked driver’s licenses and other fraudulent papers. It verifies the seriousness of criminal offenses based on forged and falsified documents. A digital document verification solution can help to safeguard the financial system.

Document Check – A Need for the Time

Fraudsters are employing AI and deep fake to impersonate others. By utilizing false identities, they can cause harm to anyone’s business reputation, unlawfully cross the border, and incur a considerable financial loss. Furthermore, false identities can be used in terrorist sponsorship, money laundering, drug trafficking, murder, and other criminal activities. As a result, even if someone did not commit the crime, they must bear the penalties. To validate a person’s original identity, a competent document-checking mechanism is necessary.

Document Check – Importance in Business

Every organization should apply proper document checks to safeguard their business from scams like money laundering, identity theft, etc. For example, if a corporation hires someone without doing a background check, the person can pose a security risk to the firm. The individual joins the company and has access to the finance and sensitive information departments. This person has the ability to steal or disclose important corporate information. As a result, businesses must incur significant economic losses, which can lead to a business crash.

1. Banks

Banks are the most well-known targets of scammers for financial crimes. A fraudster can take money from anyone’s account by impersonating them. They can impersonate someone else by using a false ID card, driver’s license, or even a passport. To confirm the original customer’s identity, banks should apply an AI-driven document check.

2. Land Transfer

The shift of land registries to an online registration system has improved its effectiveness compared to the past. Unfortunately, it’s becoming easier for fraudsters to commit crimes with this facility. In order to obtain ownership, mortgage, or sell property, criminals use counterfeit documents to imitate the original owner’s identity. Document check provides full security throughout the land transfer. It authenticates the user’s identity by using the original ID card, address, or legitimate signature.

3. Education Sector

The education sector is among the biggest industries affected by document fraud. Fraudsters impersonate other students by using their identities. Following that, they can administer examinations on behalf of other students and cheat throughout their academic careers. An AI-driven document check compares a person’s face on a document to their real face. It decides if a document is authentic or fake after matching both.

Document Checker Online 4 Main Benefits

The online document verification system has several benefits. Some of them are as follows:

1. Accuracy

A document check compares an identity paper against thousands of others in a database. Following that, it compares the visual patterns, text styles, watermarks, and so on. Several logic-based checks are also performed, such as confirming that the date of birth is not in the future.

2. Time-Effective

An AI-driven document-checking system can validate a document in seconds, but manual verification takes a day or more. As a result, online document checks are more efficient and quick to verify the authenticity of a paper.

3. Cost-Efficient

A manual document-checking method requires staff and their related expenses, and it is also prone to error. However, automated document checks need only a one-time installation price, which can save on manpower and related costs.

4. Better Customer Experience

Automated document check has the potential to improve decision-making ability and offer the user a faster answer. This can save clients time and increase their satisfaction with their onboarding experience.


Fraud has existed since the beginning of time, and its characteristics have changed through time. Fraudsters fool a person or a government by using fake official papers such as passports, ID cards, and driving licenses. They used forged documents to acquire access to anyone’s bank account, corporate office, or educational facility, as well as to traverse borders and sell or buy property.

As a result, AI-powered document check is necessary to prevent document fraud. Modern paper checking methods use machine learning approaches to validate a person’s documentation. It compares a document to thousands of others and produces more accurate, quicker, and better results than manual document verification.


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