Pogo Pin Connector Interprets New Life


With the changing times, the inflow of various technological and electronic products provides convenience and speed for people’s fast-paced life. At the same time, there will be various data connectors and connecting devices at home. One important thing is Pogo Pin.

The applications of Pogo Pin connectors

As we all know, to facilitate the assembly of electronic products, the main chip is generally integrated into the main board, and then each functional module is separated independently, so to make the modules communicate with each other, the function of the connector is indispensable, Pogo Pin is one of the types of connectors.

(1) For battery connectors, Pogo Pin connectors are most widely used for electrical connections. Early mobile phone battery connections used shrapnel-type battery connectors. With the development of mobile phones in the direction of lightness and smallness, due to the influence of volume, the type connector is gradually replaced by the Pogo Pin connector. Especially in recent years, wearable devices require not only small size and high current but also good waterproof performance. These are all spring-type connectors. Impossible to do, but the Pogo Pin connector makes it easy to navigate.

(2) For signal transmission, the most common one is the mobile phone antenna thimble; using the Pogo Pin connector antenna and the main board, the advantage is that the inductance is small and the interference to the radio frequency signal is weak.

(3) It is used for product testing and test probes, which can be applied to high-speed testing equipment for more than 100,000 stable operations.

The importance of Pogo Pin connectors

In addition to being widely used in home appliance installations, Pogo Pin connectors are also used in aerospace, national defense, and other military systems. It is also a part that electronic engineers often contact. Its function is mainly to build a communication bridge between blocked or isolated circuits in the circuit so that the current flows and the circuit achieve the predetermined function.

The role of the Pogo Pin connector cannot be ignored. First, it helps to improve the production process. Its appearance simplifies the assembly process of electronic products and simplifies the mass production process. Secondly, it is easier to maintain. If an electronic component fails, the failed component can be quickly replaced when a Pogo Pin connector is installed; at the same time, the Pogo Pin connector is easy to upgrade. Finally, using Pogo Pin connectors allows for greater design versatility and flexibility.


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