How William Tell Changed Career – Reasons of Becoming a Lawyer from Musician

 How William Tell Changed Career – Reasons of Becoming a Lawyer from Musician

William Tell, a gifted guitar player and singer-songwriter from Mission Viejo California, USA was born on February 7th, 1980. He learned to play the guitar at an early age by his father who is also named William. He is interested in music when he wrote multiple songs since childhood with members of Something Corporate band through mutual friends one day playing together in the same nightclub before being asked as their Home Page

How William Tell Started His Career As A Musician?

William Tell musician has been a guitarist ever since the age of 22. His band, Some Corporate, was popular in many countries as they played on stage and at stadiums all over America and even gained some fame from being televised for their music performances. They were doing so well until something happened that caused them to go into decline- it could have either been because there wasn’t enough interest or maybe people just didn’t care about this type of genre anymore? Whatever it may be William eventually decided to make his career change by becoming a lawyer which is what he does today! He had an interesting story going from sheet music in school backpacks when he was younger up until law books now!

How William Tell Became A Lawyer from a Rockstar?

William Tell seemed to have left his legal profession for becoming a rockstar. He had a dream to become a lawyer from his childhood and he started preparing for that very early. But later on, he left this career in order to pursue his passion for music as well as the reason is still unknown by many people even though it is a stated fact.

Reasons behind Changing His Career

There are various reasons behind his decision to change a career. As stated above, he was always inspired by music and wanted to become a rockstar as well as a lawyer. He never compromised on either of these professions and followed his passion in both fields also.

Therefore, after accepting the music program from USC in order to make up for his loss of a tenure track position at UCLA he decided to go back and continue doing those things that he told his parents. He revealed during an interview with reporters that although it was hard not being able to pursue law as originally planned when first entering college, once again becoming interested while studying abroad made him want to follow through on those plans which led him down this new career path into law school, where if you are a lawyer then your professional autonomy is already more or less secured depending on how good you really are because lawyers serve such important roles in our society.

More Famous for Music 

He is rather famous for music among people because of which there are many people who do not know that he was a lawyer also. He did suffer lots of criticism from his fans for leaving music and becoming a lawyer. But after the change, William Tell became more famous among lawyers than rockstars.

A Rockstar in Law Practices 

After practicing law due to which he is considered an expert on the subject of marriage, divorce, and adoption among his lawyer friends. He is also a famous DJ as well as an author.

Some Interesting Facts about William Tell

Love with Lauren Conrad

It was a fate that brought them together, and after a decade of searching for each other Lauren Conrad saw him again. Fate propelled their hearts forward as they had an instant connection at the concert where he performed with his band. 

After this chance meeting, the two were set up on a date by friends; but ten years later in 2012 when both were living new lives far apart from one another it seemed like destiny would never reunite these two amazing people- until accidentally bumping into one another once more at dinner.

Dating with Lauren

The Cupid’s arrow struck the couple and they instantly clicked. They started dating seriously, fans spotted them together all of the time; from going to sushi restaurants in Hollywood Hills or just hanging out at a coffee shop on Melrose Ave. After one year these two soul mates got engaged in 2013! On September 13th, 2014 they exchanged vows which took place by an oceanfront wedding ceremony with close friends and family present.

Named After a Hero

The most interesting fact is that William Tell is named after a ‘Hero’. William Tell is a folk hero. According to Swiss folklore, he was an expert marksman with the crossbow who assassinated a tyrannical reeve of Austrian dukes of Habsburg, Albrecht Gessler. There’s another story about him that you might have heard before: William Tell successfully shoots an apple off his son’s head using just one shot from his crossbow.

Relationship with Brittany Snow

It is not only a fact that the Lauren-William couple are admired by many, it’s also true that before meeting Conrad, but William had also been seeing someone else from his profession. Brittany Snow is an actress and singer as well as a director. 

After appearing on Guiding Light in CBS soap opera she rose to prominence with her appearance of Prom Night (2008), Bushwick (2017) and John Tucker Must Die(2007). In April 2011, he met Snow but this relationship status remained complicated for about 9 months until January 2012 when they finally call off their engagement

It has always been evident how much we all love the “Lauren-William” couple because ever since their first date 3 years ago there have never seemed to be any rumors or scandals.


We hope you will have come to know about the reasons that led William Tell to change his career. And so he became a proficient lawyer from a rockstar. Tell us in the comments section how did you like the post.


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