Sofa Cotton Throws: A Perfect Choice For Summer

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Natural fibers always work best in the summer to prevent excess sweating. That is why cotton is the best material for sofa throws because cotton is a fiber that occurs naturally. Sofa cotton throws are breathable and you can sit on the couch for a long time. Cotton material also soaks up your body’s sweat and leaves you with almost no smell.

Moreover, sofa cotton throw is quite popular because cotton is not very expensive. It is of low-cost than all other materials of weaving required in the manufacturing process of sofa throws. This piece of cloth can be used for decoration as well as for several other purposes.

In addition, their numerous styles and colors also make it the most convenient choice. Normally, they are about 1m x 1.5m in dimension to cover the couch partially. Despite this, you can find both small and large sizes of cotton throws to choose from accordingly. Various designs and dimensions will also affect the cost per throw. If you are in search of sofa throws other than cotton material then you will find that polyester throws are quite affordable whereas silk or fine wool throws are a bit costly.

Materials Used To Manufacture Sofa Throws

Diverse fabrics are available in the market to be used to make sofa, bed or rest chair throws. Materials used can be both natural and synthetic. Here are some of the fabrics used to make sofa throws:

1. Cotton

Cotton is the best selective material when you are going to search for a sofa throw. A sofa cotton throw is a nice choice for summer and chilly mornings & evenings. Since it provides superb ventilation, there is no chance of any odor or smell. In addition, this is the stuff that is an aid to keep you cool by taking away the excess moisture. What is more, these kinds of throws are easily washable by machine or by hand as well. Thus, they do not require much attention to maintain after use.

2. Fleece Fabric

Fleece is a synthetic fiber, yet durable and inexpensive. You can have designer and colorful sofa throws of this material. These are cost-effective and easy to clean. The one thing that is not suitable about this material is that it is not breathable and might make you sweat a little when you sit over it for a long time.  

3. Wool

It is also a natural fiber made from sheep hair to make throws for the sofa. It is a warm and ideal textile for cold weather. Though, this material can cause sensitivity and feelings of inflammation sometimes if used for a long time. Its breathable property also makes it capable of preventing sweating.

How sofa cotton throws are used appropriately?

Throws can be used in quite a few diverse ways to add a splash of color to a boring living room. A cotton throw for the sofa will give energetic hues and a chic look. Purchase a throw with creative patterns to mix and match with the interior design. Check a few ideas to integrate sofa throws in your house:

Make Your Furniture Fancy

A throw is the most multipurpose item to revamp your room fixtures. Make wise use of cotton throws:

  • Place it on the couch to add style and it also helps to protect the sofa cushions from getting dirty.
  • Drape it over a chair or sofa with two or three folds as a trendy count.
  • A dazzling sofa throw will add immediate grace to your sofa seat near the window.
  • To get a more personal and cozier feel, swathe the throw across the end of the bed. 

Wrap Your Toddler

Cotton throws can be used to cover your little ones. For newborns, it is the perfect wrap because these throws are breathable and light in weight. A cotton throw for a sofa is softer than other bed throws, thus, proffers a soothing feeling to babies in every season.

Hold it in Your Arms

Throws are handy to be an immediate wrap on shoulders, especially on a rainy or cold morning. They are easy to drape instead of large and heavy blankets. Just snuggle in it and enjoy relaxing on the sofa.

Present it As A Gift

This is a unique gift to give to your friends or relatives. Plus, this will be highly appreciated by your kith and your kin as well. 

Take it With You On A Picnic

Make it an article for your trip or picnic spot. You can use it as a shawl for a comfy feeling or sit with your friends on the beach at the picnic spot.  

To Create Your Style Statement

Throws can also be used to make a fashion statement for stylish people. Pick a beautiful cotton throw for the sofa with wonderful patterns and to cover around your shoulders.


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