The Latest Women Fashion Trends for Next Season

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The world is dressed in the colors and trendy models of the spring/summer season, while all the inspirations and latest women fashion trends for next autumn/winter have already arrived from Milan Fashion.

There are many new chromatic shades in vogue and the patterns that will be the most popular, the Latest Women Fashion Trends, invite you to combine garments of different styles to create always different looks.

The Trends on the catwalk 2022

What are the pants models to stock up for next season? On the catwalks, palazzo trousers with belts and precious chains triumph, tailored trousers and leggings, especially those in leather and latex, with a shiny effect, worn in combination with plush hooded jackets.

The trends concerning the lower part of the body, however, see the skirt triumph above all. The skirt model most seen on the catwalk was the sheath dress with slits, elegant and sensual, but the transparent midi skirt in tulle and chiffon was also very popular. Vintage atmospheres revive thanks to the fringed skirt, one of the versions revisited by world-famous designers for next season.

Winter Fashion Brands

There is no question about outerwear: the shoulders of blazers and coats must be rigorously voluminous. A reference to the Eighties that began some time ago, which has found maximum expression in major brands such as Prada, Versace, Gucci, Dolce, and Gabbana: shoulders will be the protagonists in the next winter wardrobe.

Comfort is one of the main requirements for women’s clothing for autumn/winter 2022-2023. The most practical garments are an invitation to enjoy life lightly, in the name of leisure and fun.

Even the apparently more pompous and elegant dresses are redesigned in a casual and sporty-chic key, a trend that has conquered the catwalks and will soon conquer the wardrobes.

Younger Girls

Great attention is paid to next year’s trendy accessories: hats dominate the scene, both in the wide-brim version, and whether they are colored berets or sporty caps. Younger girls aim to amaze everyone by bringing back the balaclava, to be used in imaginative and colorful versions.

Jewel belts and chains adorn trousers, whether they are elegant or sporty: a style choice for which there will be no need to wait for autumn because it is already visible from this spring.

Trendy Colors and Patterns of Fashion Shows

We come now to textures and colors: tweed was the absolute protagonist of the Milanese fashion shows, both in the bon-ton version and in the punk style. Lure also held the ground, especially the super-colored one.

The watchword for next season in terms of prints and patterns seems to be “dare”, without fear of bringing together apparently very distant worlds. What do stylists tell us about next season’s flagship?

colors? Red, orange and yellow are very popular, combined with more neutral colors to create surprising outfits suitable for different moments of the day.

Softer Shade Fashion

Pink remains the protagonist, in its brightest shades, but in the next autumn/winter it is definitely beaten by purple, both in its softer shade and in the mauve version, colder and more tenuous.

There is also room for those who do not love colors: the total white look will be one of the must-haves of the coming autumn. The most popular combination is the one featuring pullovers, trousers, and soft outerwear, all strictly white.

On the other hand, black also shines again, used above all for splendid and elegant evening dresses. In winter, never without blue, the decidedly chicer version of the classic black: in the 2022/2023 season the navy shade returns, especially for coats and trench coats, but beware of electric blue.

This particular nuance, increasingly loved by the female world, finds its maximum expression in breathtaking dresses and refined suits, to be worn even in more formal contexts.

The woman told by the trends coming from the Milan Fashion shows is a very colorful woman, who dares in chromatic and stylistic combinations until she finds the best way to express part of her personality through looks that enhance it to the maximum.

The Women’s Different Styles

Milan Fashion has opened its doors to spring summer 2022 and fall winter 2022-2023 trends. Let’s find out, together with Manufacture Forearm Camino, what will be the trends to follow, in terms of clothing, for next season!

This new edition was marked by some great returns: that of the Gucci and bodega Venetia brands, which after years have returned to the catwalk, but also that of international celebrities such as Rihanna, Sharon Stone, and Anne Hathaway.

Enveloping, colorful, and sustainable are the handcrafted furs of Alabama Muse, an explosion of colors and liveliness, inspired by great personalities from the world of cinema such as David Lynch and Quentin Tarantino and their iconic characters. Living with passion but above all in color is also the imperative of OOF WEAR which offers its “Retro Pop Future” collection. We look to the future without forgetting the past, in fact, the voluminous lines of the garments and the bright colors are very reminiscent of the 80s.

Luxury Fabrics in the New Season Collections

At the heart of the fashion trends for 2022, there are the new collections of luxury fabrics. Designed especially for home furnishings, these fabrics are designed to bring beauty to the interior of domestic spaces by reflecting personality and aspirations. To obtain curtains and coverings of a certain prestige, the fashion companies have worked intensely to recreate breathtaking and suggestive atmospheres, focusing everything on a play of colors and material painting.

Nature and botanical references are of strong inspiration and impact. Also complicit are natural yarns such as linen, silk, cotton, wool, and cashmere, which are embroidered, printed and worked with extreme mastery.

Sheer fabrics, boucl√© and lure yarns with organic motifs, and jacquard fabrics that recall the Japanese forest’s digital canvas prints that show artistic brushstrokes and naive representations of flora and fauna. Among the trendy fibers, viscose is also enhanced, extracted from the cellulose of vegetable origin. Great attention is also paid to eco-sustainable processes: artisan qualities applied to new processing techniques, and creativity made up of harmonious color combinations and textures.

Fresh Shades Fashion

The color palette includes fresh shades such as lemon grass, pistachio green, and Sakura pink (named after the wonderful Japanese cherry blossoms that color the Japanese country pink during spring), to which are added earth tones, such as the golden olive, the moss green, the rusty red, and the scorched earth. We play with the most refined processes, motifs, weaves, and designs also for outdoor fabrics.


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