It is pertinent to consider the time of year when you plan to wear a onesie. Winter kigurumi should be made of thicker materials, while summer kigurumi should be thinner. Costumes made of fleece are most common. There are a few things you should know about Kigurumis.

The fleece

You should consider whether to wear your adult onesie outside or not because the fabric is very pleasant to the body. Excellent for allergies, breathable and water-repellent. Feather products are easy to maintain. Originally, this fabric was intended for making Kigurumi. All the advantages of fleece are offset, however, by the price of the finished product, which is considered a bit excessive.

The softest veil

Basically, this is a cheaper fabric. While it feels light and pleasant to the touch, it does not reach the fleece. Onesies made of Velsoft do not crumble and wear well. In spite of this, the products do not maintain their shape very well because the material is too thin.

A guide to choosing a Kigurumi size

A Kigurumi is sewed in a free cut, so all its parameters do not need to be known. Whether you are buying pajamas for a child or an adult, comfort, and convenience are the most important factors.

How should I proceed?

Take your measurements only after you have decided for what purpose you need Kigurumi. The most common uses of a onesie are:

  • Sleep
  • Home and recreation
  • Photo-shoot
  • Trips out of town or to the country
  • Active sports activities
  • Parties or parties
  • Walking around the city.

If you have a standard shape without features, you only need to know your height to select the appropriate Kigurumi. Since the pajamas are sewn free-cut, the rest will onesie you. The manufacturer can provide additional sizes of Kigurumi if you are concerned that the costume will not fit due to flaws in the figure.

Table for adults

The Kigurumi adult size line begins with a height of 140 cm if your height is:

  • From 140 to 158 cm – choose size S
  • From 159 to 170 cm – give preference to size M
  • From 168 to 178 cm – fit size L
  • From 175 to 190 cm – buy kigurumi in size XL.

Spend time shopping for fun pajamas based on your height.

In the case of borderline size, what should I do?

A kigurumi’s size depends on what it will be used for. If you plan to do sports in onesies or walk outside, take into account that you will wear some more clothes under the bottom. Wear looser pajamas to keep things in check. You should consider the size depending on the activity at home if you plan to use a Kigurumi only at home and for sleep.

Selecting the right size of Kigurumi based on the figure’s features

It is recommended for people with an overweight to choose larger kigurumi so that their pajamas are not too tight and uncomfortable. Measure the waist or other seams of a onesie and compare them to the parameters provided by the manufacturer or seller.


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