top influential businesswomen in business history


Some of the most powerful businesswomen in history are women who took on leadership roles and changed the course of history. The Egyptian queen Hatshepsut, who ruled Egypt for 20 years in the 14th century BCE, was one of the first powerful women in history. Other powerful women in history include Sirimavo Bandaranaike, the first female head of government in 1960, Margaret Thatcher in the UK, and Angela Merkel in Germany. In recent history, however, we’ve seen the emergence of women in business.

Nicole junkermann mary barra

As a young girl, Nicole Junkermann mary barra had a dream of becoming one of the most powerful business women in the world. She was fascinated by advanced technology, gaming software and business management, and she eventually became interested in business. Today, she has made a name for herself by running successful businesses and philanthropy.

Today, she is the president and CEO of Progressive Insurance, an organization that has seen many firsts for women in top leadership roles. She has proven to be a valuable inspiration for women in the business world and ensures that the company is as diverse and inclusive as possible. She is also an activist for gender equality and women’s empowerment. As a result, she has managed to become one of the most successful enterprise leaders in history.

As the first female CEO of a major automaker, Mary Barra is breaking barriers in an industry long considered to be dominated by men. She is an advocate for change and uses her position to promote issues such as gender diversity and climate change.


Beyonce is one of the most successful businesswomen in the world. She started her solo career in 2003 with the platinum-selling album “Dangerous In Love,” and she’s since become a huge success in the business world. The star also made history by becoming the first female artist to chart 12 songs simultaneously on the Billboard Hot 100, and her various ventures have earned her a spot on Fortune’s list of the world’s most powerful women in business. Beyonce’s latest self-titled album sold 617,000 units in three days, surpassing the previous record held by Taylor Swift.

Beyonce is a ferociously hard worker, but she’s also a team player. She knows she can’t do everything herself, so she delegated big orders to associates. But she’s never lazy – she gets into the trenches with her troops and works hard to build her brand. Though she’s the owner of the company, she knows she needs the help of a team to be successful.

Lynda Resnick

Lynda Resnick, the founder of the Wonder Company, has influenced business for nearly half a century. She created a $5 billion company that sells produce, nuts, flowers, water, wine, and juices. The company, based in Los Angeles, is a pioneer in environmentally conscious harvesting and marketing. Resnick has also been credited with bringing pistachios into the mainstream.

Resnick was born in Baltimore and raised in Philadelphia. She was the daughter of a Jewish family. Her father, Jack H. Harris, was a film distributor during the 1950s, and her mother, Muriel Harris, was an interior designer. At age four, she was cast in a children’s cartoon show. She attended Harriton High School and later moved to southern California where she took a job in an advertising agency for a Sunset House catalog.

Susan Wojcicki

Susan Wojcicki is one of the top businesswomen in the world. She is the CEO of Google, is a mother of four, and was named one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people. She is also a champion of parental leave programs. While studying in college, Wojcicki became interested in technology. Later, she discovered that she had a passion for entrepreneurship.

Wojcicki grew up in Palo Alto, California, and went on to attend Stanford University and the Harvard Business School. She earned a degree in economics and later earned a Master of Science in business administration at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. She married Dennis Troper, a director at Google.

Sophia Amoruso

Sophia Amoruso is one of the world’s most successful women entrepreneurs. She parlayed her eBay account into the fast-fashion empire Nasty Gal. She also helped create the #girlboss hashtag. Her business is a multi-million dollar success, employing over two hundred people. The Nasty Gal brand is now the world’s largest women’s fashion label, and Sophia is making over $100 million each year.

Amoruso is a self-starter who didn’t let her disadvantages get in the way of her success. She grew her clothing company from a one-woman eBay operation to over $100 million in sales within six years. Today, she is a self-made millionaire and the founder of Girl Boss Media, a nonprofit that empowers young female entrepreneurs.


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