Top Questions to Consider Basement Refinishing


Are you thinking about revamping your basement? Then do not remain under the misconception that it is a simple job. Many homeowners think this is simply laying down a new floor or painting the walls. 

That is not the case. Of course, it is a part of the process, but the real deal of hiring basement refinishing contractors demands asking the right questions. Wondering what those questions are? Keep reading ahead.

What Questions to Ask Your Basement Refinishing Contractor?

Can you show me your license and proof of insurance?

This should be the first question you must ask your basement contractor. A credible contractor should not hesitate to show you proof of insurance and license. Make sure you verify the authenticity of the certifications and the documents. Check the online registration with the government.

How long have you been working as a contractor? How many basement projects have you finished successfully?

There is nothing parallel to experience. To check your contractor’s experience, ask them for how long they have been working in the field, and the number of projects they have successfully completed. Also, ask about the scope of the projects, residential or commercial? This will put your mind at ease.  

Can you share a list of your previous clients?

Make sure you talk to the past clients of every contractor on your shortlist and then schedule a meeting. When you talk to the references, ask them about the kind of experience they had in terms of customer service, timely completion, and professionalism of the contractor. 

Ask about how well did the contractor establish a communication line? Were all the concerns and queries answered? Would the person want to hire the contractor again?

Will you be able to finish my basement within my budget?

Make sure you hire a basement contractor who knows how to get the job done within your budget. He should tell you the costs, choice of materials, number of workers, and overall price of the project on a real basis. 

However, you must never go blindly for someone who gives the lowest quotation. They may use low-quality material and incompetent labor. 

How long can you complete my project?

It is important to understand and discuss the project timeline with your contractor. Ask about any delays in the project, or whether the labor will work on the weekends, and clearly ask how long the project will be done realistically.

Will my project require you to acquire a permit, who will pay its fee?

Generally, any construction or remodeling requires the homeowner to obtain a permit from the government or the state. Ideally, you should hire a contractor to obtain such permits. 

Make sure you ask about the permit fee and whether the fee is included in the overall cost or not. Otherwise, you may find yourself paying extra costs for nothing!

What type of warranty do you offer to your workers and on your work?

Inquire about the type of warranty applicable to the workers and the work that they do in your house. Make sure the workers are medically covered. You must get these details in writing signed by the contractor. 

What is the procedure for applying changes?

If you make any changes in the middle of the project, it will add to the cost and increase the time of completion. So, make sure you inquire about this policy beforehand and talk in detail about how the changes are handled. 

How will we establish a communication line? How frequently will you give me an update regarding the progress?

The hallmark of the successful completion of any project is a proper line of communication between the contractor and the client. Tell your expectations regarding the communication and what mode of communication will you prefer; via email, phone, WhatsApp, Skype, or text messages. It is ideal if you are kept apprised of the progress frequently. 

What kind of energy-efficiency features can you incorporate in my basement?

A credible and knowledgeable contractor will incorporate energy-efficiency features in your basement such as LED lights, insulation layers in the walls, among other things that will keep your electricity bills within budget. Make sure your construction expert knows about green, environment-friendly practices. 

What measures will you take to stay within my budget for the project?

Communicate and discuss the scope of your refinishing project with your contractor. Establishing expectations from the get-go will help you and your contractor stay within the defined budget. visit More Focus Intro


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