Top Tips Employers Should Follow to Avoid Fake Professionals

Top Tips Employers Should Follow to Avoid Fake Professionals

We know applicants are ready to go to any lengths to land a good job. So, it is not a surprise to us that a significant majority of them would have no problem lying on their resumes. With most employers looking for job-related majors or degrees, educational qualification is the most common aspect applicants tend to lie about. Thus, conducting educational background checks forms one of the most crucial aspects of applicant screening. You can do it yourself or hire education verification services for this purpose.

So, do you want to avoid fake professionals but are unsure about how to go about the process? We are here to help!

Gather Basic Information for the Education Verification Services

We have noted that employers tend to forgo education verifications because they think the process is complicated. The truth is that the process is simple. You start by gathering basic information from the applicants. The data you need for background verification includes:

  • Full name of candidates (by full name, we mean the name that the individual graduated under. For example, female candidates might apply under their married name while graduating under their maiden name)
  • The degree-granting institution’s name and address
  • Dates attended (we will need only the month and year)
  • The field and title of the degree
  • Signed authorization release from the applicant

That is all you need to start the process of employee screening. Candidates are usually familiar with the hiring procedure and readily offer this information. You can move forward once you have the details.

Third-Party Verification Services

The easiest thing to do is to give the responsibility to an employment verification company like AuthBridge. We will verify the credentials of your applicants through the use of the most sophisticated technologies and resources.

The best part of hiring such a company is that it saves you the hassle and time. You get to complete employee background screening without stepping out.

Taking the DIY Route for Applicant Verification

You might want to deal with the education verification procedure all by yourself. In that case, you will need to get in touch with their educational institution and submit the details you gathered. After this, the institution will start the process of complete verification.

Taking the DIY route might save your money, but you need to remember a few things:

Expect to Face Problems:

Education verification on your own is not as easy as it might seem. We can assure you that there is no background check, be it education or address verification in India, that is easy. Employers frequently run into hurdles that slow down the process. So, you will have to be ready for situations like:

  • Receiving the wrong details from the applicant (incomplete degree names, giving their maiden name rather than the name on the graduation certificates, and so on)
  • Educational institutions refusing to let anyone except former students access such information

The process of background screening would go a lot smoother if you can account for these issues beforehand.

Beware of the Diploma Mills:

Some candidates are simply untruthful about the institution that issued their degrees. They might have bought their diplomas or degrees from companies commonly called diploma mills. These are unaccredited, phony universities that sell fake degrees.

Some of them may appear legit by offering fake online courses and asking for prior work experience. And others outright sell phony degrees. So, you need to check that the name of the institution written on the degree has a valid accreditation.

Verify Degrees Claiming International Education:

You will find applicants who claim to have earned their degrees abroad. You need to be cautious for candidates like these. Falsifying credentials from a foreign institute is easier than a national institute.

So, it is important to carry out a thorough check.

Take The Screening Process Beyond Education:

You don’t end the background verification process at education checks alone.

You will need to verify your previous work experiences, credit history, and criminal history beforehand. A thorough screening like this will help to ensure that you hire the right person and face no issues down the line.


The DIY method is undoubtedly full of too many hassles, isn’t it? So, if you want to ease out the process without missing crucial candidate details, you can trust AuthBridge. Get in touch with us today, and let’s begin the verification process.


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