Tricks for walking in heels

Tricks for walking in heels

What woman doesn’t feel good about pretty high heels? Heeled shoes will always be a good option for women who want to style their figure. But to walk in heels (thick or thin) you need to know how to do it … because if you don’t know or don’t learn when you put on some heels it can turn into one of the worst heels.

If you don’t learn to walk in heels, you’ll only feel pain, you’ll think you don’t know how to walk well, and you’ll want to remove your heels to put on flat shoes as soon as possible. But you don’t have to go through this, you can learn to walk in heels by taking into account the tricks I’m going to tell you today, Don’t lose the details!

Maintain good posture

It is essential that the first thing you take care of is to maintain good posture so that you can walk in style and without injury. You should make sure that your body is relaxed and your arms are relaxed at your sides, this will help you maintain your balance. You will need to stand with your back straight, your head held high, and your feet forward.

Place the whole foot on the ground at the same time

The easiest way to look like a “dizzy duck” while walking in heels is to put your whole foot on the ground at the same time as if you were wearing flat shoes. When you wear heels, you have to lower the heel first and let the foot follow … so it will appear that you are walking in a more natural way.

Be aware of the rest of your body

It’s important to be aware of the rest of your body when walking in heels to maintain your posture. If you forget the rest of your body, you could lose balance and control your steps. . Also relax your hips and knees, and let your weight flow through your legs.

Shoes are important

Not all women fit in the same shoes, so you should consider which ones are the best for you and which you feel most comfortable with when walking in heels. This way, you know how to choose shoes that look good on you and feel good at the same time. , you can end the night without blisters on your feet and without having to carry flat shoes in your bag.

Quality shoes

It is also very important that your shoes are of good quality and not loose. Before buying some high-heeled shoes, make sure the heel is strong, has good support and the material is comfortable. Dolce Vita paily heels have all these qualities so you can buy them without any worry. But most important of all is that you feel that your foot is securely attached at all times. Without any kind of friction that could cause injury. Sometimes buying gel pads is a good idea to help you feel more comfortable.

Forget pacing

It is better to forget about big steps when you walk in heels. To be able to walk with style and ensure balance, you must walk with small steps. It is not necessary to go too slow, but enough that you feel that the steps are natural and that your balance is in perfect condition.

I’m looking forward to it

When you are looking forward with a fixed point while walking, you will be able to walk with more precision than if you are looking at the ground. This way, if you can walk in a straight line or look ahead, you will find that the steps will be much easier to perform.


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