What Are Tangelos?


Tangelos are a citrus fruit that may be a hybrid of tangerines and grape-like pomelos. They have brilliant, reddish-orange skin and tart, tart, juicy fruit. They may be utilized in salads, desserts, and sauces, and for juices, as well as for snacking on uncooked.

Tangelo Citrus is a citrus fruit of the tangelo species, which incorporates numerous subspecies together with the minnow, most not unusual with Orlando, Seminole, and others, every produced through crossing different one-of-a-kind kinds of grapes and tangerines.

Tangelos vary from rounded to slightly bell-fashioned, three to 4 inches in diameter, or approximately the size of a baseball, with a characteristic “nipple” on the give-up where it attaches to the stem. They are clean to peel, with medium skin which is reddish-orange in color with a slightly hard, pebbly texture. The fruit is regularly seedless however may also incorporate up to 20 cream-colored seeds, relying on the range. The fruit consists of 10 to twelve sections of gentle, juicy flesh with a pungent and stinky flavor and slight sweetness.

The call Tangelo is derived from a mixture of the words tangerine and pomelo, the latter being the ancestral form of the grape. They have slight sweetness, stability of tart and tart flavors, and may be pretty juicy. In the Northern Hemisphere, tangelos are to be had from November to March, with their height inside the month of January.

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How To Use Tangelos

One of the exceptional approaches to enjoying tangelo is to actually peel them and snack on the juicy chunks of the fruit. Because they may be so easy to peel, tangelos are an extremely good option to include in brown bag lunches, mainly for children.

Because of its unique sweet and tangy flavor, tangelo is generally used for its raw shape, as in inexperienced salads, fruit salads, and salsas with fish and seafood. Tangelos can also be juiced, and their juice is used in recipes that call for orange juice, which includes cocktails, smoothies, dessert sauces, marmalade, and marinades. And its zest is a clean alternative to lemon or orange juice in sweet desserts and savory dishes alike. Even candied rinds may be made by way of boiling tangelo rinds in sugar syrup.

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What Do They Prefer?

Tangelos have a candy-tart flavor this is brought approximately with the aid of a mixture of grapefruit tartness and floral notes as well as the honey sweetness of tangerines. Acidity is low to medium, and the fruits are juicy.

Dietary Price

One hundred-gram serving of tangelos offers 2 grams of fiber, 1 gram of protein, and negligible fats, in conjunction with forty-seven energy and 12 grams of carbs. It also provides 53 milligrams of vitamin C, which is about 59 percent of the USDA day-by-day value, making tangelos a great source of this nutrient.

Where To Buy Tangelos

Tangelos are available in overdue fall and winter and can be discovered in grocery save produce sections and farmers’ markets. Look for ones that are a chunk gentle and heavy for his or her length, with a vibrant orange-pink hue.


Tangelos have to be stored in a dry place at a fab or cool temperature. You can maintain them at room temperature for a day or, or, to save longer, placed them inside the crisper drawer of your refrigerator in the low humidity place (ie the vent is fully open), in which They’ll live clean for 3 to four weeks.


There are many varieties of tangelos, each a hybrid of a unique pair of grapes and tangerines. 

Minneola: The maximum common sort of tangelo, a cross of Duncan’s grapefruit and dancy tangerine. Deep reddish-orange pores and skin with orange flesh. Balance of candy and tart with loose, smooth to eliminate the skin.

Seminole: A move of Bowen Grapefruit and Dancy Tangerine. Sweet flavor and stinky acidity. These tangelos lack a “nipple” on the stem quit.

Jamaica: Jamaican tangelo, every so often recognized through the proprietary call Ugli fruit, is an obviously going on a hybrid of grapefruit and mandarin orange. Light green skin that turns orange whilst ripe.



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