What Can I Do If My Curtains Fall Short Than Needed?

What Can I Do If My Curtains Fall Short Than Needed?

Curtains are essential to every living space. Besides being a beautiful accessory, it also plays a significant role in creating a cozy and ideal environment for a perfect home. But choosing and having the right one is never easy. When there is home furnishing, we save a little on these add-ons and buy ready-made ones that are just right for the pocket but not ideal for your home, and it just falls short.

Good thing professionals in interior designs just shared some tips and tricks to lessen the hustle of home furnishing. If your curtains fall short and you’re on a budget, then this article is just for you. So, keep on reading.

Lower Them Down

When home furnishing, we really can’t avoid a few mishaps onto some detailing like the length of our curtains and how much higher than the windows we have to put the rods in. But if your curtains fall short, all you need to do is lower down the rods until you reach your desired length. It may leave some holes behind, but it’s nothing a freshly made concrete mix can’t handle. Just patch some in, and you’re ready.

Tie Those Curtains Up

What Can I Do If My Curtains Fall Short Than Needed?
What Can I Do If My Curtains Fall Short Than Needed?

The weather is perfect – not too sunny. And you want to invite that natural light to get in. Tying back your curtains from the sides will mask the thought you were short on fabric. To begin with, part it evenly in two to make one beautiful arc. You can also use some accessories that complement the curtain and give home furnishing more style.

Add Curtain Rings To Your Cart

What Can I Do If My Curtains Fall Short Than Needed?
What Can I Do If My Curtains Fall Short Than Needed?

Add some curtain rings to your cart because this is one good hack to make your curtains longer. This method will give an extra of at least 2 inches in the overall length. Try to have the right number of rings up there. Always have it in even numbers, so there will also be an even distribution of fabric, and it will look better than it is. By doing so, it will also lessen your time in home furnishing. All these are possible since this tip is quick and easy to do.

Add Complementing Curtain

If curtain rings are not your thing, you can try adding extra curtains with a much more desired length with your shorter one. Make sure that the curtains compliment the beauty of your room since home furnishing is not just about practicality but also style. You can match it with the same textures, colors, and even complementing ones that bring much style and color to your home.

Redo Some Stitching at the Bottom Seam

This tip may sound crazy, but home furnishing is difficult as it sounds. Try looking down at the bottom seam of the curtain, and you will find an extra fabric folded that we can use to lengthen the curtain. Don’t be afraid. All you need is to loosen the stitch of that extra fabric. Add some tweaks and sew it back or create a new seam with a small amount of the fabric. The good thing about it is that it may cost you some more effort, but it will cost you so much less of your budget than you imagine.

Add Extra At the Bottom

If redoing the bottom seam is still short, you can add some extra material at its bottom part. Make sure to use a color that will suit or complement the existing fabric.

Adding trim to the edges of the curtain will add length. You can also use something different from a piece of fabric, like adding some tassels at the bottom. It will not just give extra length, but also texture to your curtains. for more information click on the home page


We can’t do away with some mishaps in furnishing your home, especially if you are running short. We hope the tips and tricks you have read above may come in handy. If curtains fall short of what we are opting for, it gives one disappointment. That’s why custom-made ones are the best option for you. If you want hassle-free home furnishing on your curtains, the Yorkshire Curtains Fabrics shop is just for you. So, what are you waiting for? Shop now!



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