What Is The Square Root Of Thirteen As A Fraction?


As we said above, for the reason that rectangular root of thirteen is an irrational range, we cannot make it an actual fraction. However, we are able to spherical it as much as the closest hundredth of a fragment the usage of the rectangular root of thirteen.

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three.Sixty one/1


3 61/a hundred

What Is The Rectangular Root Of 13 Written With An Exponent?

All square roots can be transformed to quite a number (base) with a fractional exponent. The square root of thirteen isn’t any exception. Here’s the guideline and the answer “Square root of thirteen transformed to base with an exponent?”:

b = b½

13 = 13½

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How To Locate Square Root Of Thirteen Via Lengthy Division Method?

Here we are able to display you a way to calculate the rectangular root of 13 the use of the long department approach with one decimal area accuracy. How they calculated the square root of thirteen by way of hand earlier than the discovery of modern-day generation is a lost art.

Step 1)

Set 13 to two digit pairs from proper to left and append a fixed of 00 due to the fact we need a decimal:

13 00

Step 2)

Start with the primary set: the greatest perfect rectangular less than or equal to thirteen is 9, and the rectangular root of nine is 3. So, put 3 on top and 9 on bottom like this:


thirteen 00


Step 3)

Calculate thirteen minus nine and put the distinction down. Then circulate down the next set of numbers.


13 00


4 00

Step Four)

Double the range inside the green at the top: three × 2 = 6. Then, use 6 and the range at the bottom to make this trouble:

6? ? Four hundred

The query marks are “clean” and similar to “blank”. With trial and blunders, we located that the most important variety “clean” could be 6. Now, input 6 at the top:

3 6

thirteen 00


four 00

this a whole lot handiest! The answer is above. The square root of 13 with a decimal precision of one digit is 3.6.

Square Root Of Thirteen?

In arithmetic, the rectangular root of quite a number which includes 13 is a number that after accelerated through itself is equal to thirteen. We’ll show this mathematically with the square root sign, which is referred to as the novel sign:

Any wide variety that is preceded by a radix sign, is called a thorough term or the rectangular root of thirteen in the radical shape.

To provide an explanation for the rectangular root a piece further, the square root of the wide variety 13 is the amount (what we name q) that when expanded via itself equals thirteen:

So what’s the square root of 13 and the way will we calculate it? Well if you have a pc or a calculator, you could easily calculate the rectangular root. If you want to do this via hand, this could require precise old fashioned lengthy department with a pencil and a chunk of paper.


For the purposes of this article, we will calculate it for you (however later in the article we’ll show you how to calculate it with lengthy division). The square root of thirteen is three.605551275464:

three.605551275464 × three.605551275464 = 13

Is Thirteen A Super Square?

When the square root of more than a few is an entire number, it is referred to as an excellent square. Perfect squares are important for many mathematical obligations and are utilized in the entirety from carpentry to greater superior topics which includes physics and astronomy.

If we examine the quantity thirteen, we understand that the square root is 3.605551275464, and since it is not a whole number, we additionally recognise that thirteen is not a perfect square.

If you want to learn more approximately best square numbers we have a list of perfect squares that covers the primary 1,000 ideal square numbers.

Is 13 A Rational Range Or An Irrational Wide Variety?

Another not unusual question that you can stumble upon while working with roots of numbers like 13 is whether a given range is rational or irrational. Rational numbers can be written as fractions and irrational numbers can’t.

The fastest way to test whether or not various is rational or irrational is to determine whether it’s far a perfect rectangular. If it is then it’s miles a rational variety, however if it isn’t an excellent rectangular then it’s miles an irrational quantity.

We already realize that thirteen isn’t always a rational quantity, because we understand that it isn’t always an ideal rectangular.

Thirteen. Calculate The Square Root Of

To calculate the rectangular root of 13 the use of a calculator, you would kind the number 13 into the calculator after which press the x key:

thirteen = three.6056

To calculate the square root of 13 in Excel, a Google Sheets variety, you could use the SQRT() function:

sqrt(13) = three.605551275464

thirteen. Rounding the square root of

Sometimes whilst you’re operating with the rectangular root of 13, you could need to spherical the answer to a specific number of decimal locations:



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