What Is Thyme?


Fresh and dried oregano are usually available within the refrigerated produce section at supermarkets—use de-stemmed leaves, or add it to whole dishes. Thyme plant is strong and hardy and will grow for the duration of the growing months in your home garden or 12 months round in an indoor planter.

Oregano is an herb whose small leaves develop on clusters of slender stems. Oregano is used to season all styles of dishes, either by itself or as a part of a combination or bouquet garni, at the side of other not unusual herbs together with rosemary, sage, and marjoram. Fit for each weight-reduction plan and really rarely taken into consideration as an allergen, thyme can be fed to everyone who wants to cook dinner with sparkling herbs.

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Forms Of Thyme

Common thyme and lemon thyme are the most typically used types in cooking. Lemon thyme appears similar to common thyme however offers a distinctive lemon aroma and taste. You may additionally stumble upon woolly thyme, creeping thyme, wild thyme, and elfin thyme—all of that is higher applicable for rock garden filler than culinary use.

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The origins of thyme can be traced lower back to ancient societies within the Mediterranean, even though it is now grown and cooked in the sector. However, its uses have no longer constantly been basically culinary. There is evidence from the historical Egyptians that they used the effective antiseptic residences of thyme in rituals. The Romans took into consideration the herb an image of bravery and strength – in particular on the subject of navy prowess – and exchanged it amongst themselves, setting twigs of their clothing earlier than war, and in homes and locations of worship. To purify the air, bunches of it were burnt.

During the Black Death in the Middle Ages, thymol’s lively antiseptic compound, thymol, was believed to protect in opposition to infection and turned into used to deal with skin lesions because of ailment. Later, thyme was taken into consideration as a sign of the presence of legendary fairies. Throughout its documented history, thyme has been integrated into meal renovation strategies because of its first-rate natural taste and antibacterial properties.

Sparkling Vs Dried

While dried thyme maintains an almost equal taste profile to its sparkling counterpart, it usually requires rehydration—whether or not through itself or all through the cooking manner (i.E. Adding to a braised dish or bread dough)—to show its full range. For. Dried oregano may be substituted for clean in any utility, but use one-1/3 as a good deal of dried thyme as you will use sparkling.

What Does It Taste Like?

Fresh thyme has a clear, focused herbal taste with robust grassy, ​​woody, and floral notes (including lavender and rosemary). The citrus aroma of lemon thyme is the maximum distinguished observed in that range.

Cooking With Thyme

Oregano can be utilized in its entire form, or with the aid of choosing individual leaves off the stem with a mild pinching movement at the bottom of every leaf cluster.

Oregano can be added to a dish at any level of cooking, complete or chopped. However, the longer they prepare dinner, the extra taste they’ll impart. Thyme stems are fibrous and do no longer damage throughout cooking, so if you are the use of entire oregano stems, take them out and discard them earlier than serving. If you’re baking with thyme, do away with small man or woman leaves from the stem beforehand, or use dried oregano (which has already been de-stemmed).


The flavor of thyme is much like that of dried or sparkling rosemary, sage, oregano, marjoram, or dried basil (no longer fresh) in that any of the 5 can be substituted for sparkling or dried thyme.

Wherein To Shop For Thyme

Buy packaged fresh thyme inside the yr-spherical refrigerated produce phase and dried leaves within the spice aisle. You can also locate thyme at many farmers’ markets. Choose a bunch with clumps of copious, vivid green leaves on tall stems presenting many twigs. Fresh thyme is normally offered at supermarkets in 1-ounce packing containers, which comprise enough of the herb for 4 to 5 uses (i.E. One 4 to the 6-serving dish). Dried thyme comes in 0. Five- to one-ounce shakers, and may be purchased in bulk 3. Five- or 32-ounce bins at eating place delivery stores.


Store clean thyme wrapped in a damp paper towel, internal a sealed plastic bag, inside the fridge for up to two weeks. Discard whilst leaves start to turn brown.

Once eliminated from the stem, oregano will stay sparkling in a small sealed container inside the fridge for up to a few days.

Dried thyme will maintain its efficiency for up to three years whilst saved tightly in a pitcher or plastic box in a groovy, dark place. Although it does not technically expire, the dried herb’s vital oil will smash and swiftly lose its flavor after that point.



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