How to choose best hair dryer for extensions?

best hair dryer for extensions

Hair dryers have become a staple in every woman’s bathroom. For many, the idea of a hair dryer is less of a product and more of a luxury. With so many new and updated hair dryers on the market, the options you have may feel overwhelming. It can be difficult to decide which dryer to pick for hair extensions in a world full of brands, styles, and prices. With a little bit of research, you can find a new hair dryer that will help you achieve your hairstyle. This blog will discuss the best hair dryers for hair extensions or your specific needs.

Do you need a special hair dryer for extensions?

The hair extensions, especially Remy’s hair, are made with original human hair. So you can use any good quality hair dryers for drying your human hair extensions. But as we all know, high heat even can damage your natural hair too. So we need to specifically choose some good hair extensions dryer that can have multiple heating options, some most advanced features like ion technology, and included the available with all the additional accessories that can help you style your extensions according to your needs.

We are going to discuss some features which the best hair dryer for hair extensions should have.

Ionic Technology

Hair Dryers are now available with ionic technology. With an ionic dryer, frizz and drying time can be reduced. Getting a tourmaline hair dryer will provide you with even more negative ions for shinier hair and less frizz.

It is even possible to control the number of ions in hairdryers that have ion technology. As a result, the hair dryer will be able to cater to the needs of more than one person if there is more than one at home.

Still, is it necessary to have an ionic hair dryer for everyone? In a word, no. Depending on your hair colour and type, you will need an ionic, non-ionic, or tourmaline hairdryer. But as far as if you want to dry your hair with extensions, you must buy a hair dryer with this latest technology.


Power aka Wattage does not determine a hair dryer’s quality and efficiency. Despite the common perception that high-wattage hair dryers offer better performance, that isn’t necessarily the case. A hair dryer with a higher wattage is usually more powerful and hotter. Typically, salon models will have a power output of at least 1875 watts.

It’s important to remember that thin hair does not require a high-wattage hairdryer. Overheating and overpowering hair dryers can damage hair even your extensions too. In other words, going for the wattage that is highest on the market is not the most effective way to choose a hair dryer. You need a certain level of power based on your hair’s length, thickness, and type.

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Heat Setting

Hair dryers with standard sizes usually have separate settings for heat and fans. Each of these switches controls the individual elements independently. Thus, you can set a low fan speed but a high heat setting versus the other way around. While most travel hairdryers, though, have combined settings. To control both fan and heat simultaneously, you only have Low and High options. Your options are somewhat limited. An ideal hairdryer for hair with extensions is one that has multiple heat settings. So you choose wisely if you are going to buy one specifically for your hair extensions.

Weight and Size

A long barrel hair dryer can be pretty bulky and big. Holding the barrel while drying and styling your hair will give you more control. The compact and easy-to-store travel hairdryers are also available as an alternative. It is also important that larger hair dryers tend to have more power than smaller models. The airflow strength tends to be lower on most travel hair dryers that run on 1875 watts. For drying your extensions, you should choose a hair dryer that is relatively small and light in weight for smooth and effective operation because you need only low or medium heat settings while drying your hair with extensions.

Cool Shot Button

This feature is also vital for those who use a hair dryer to style their hair extensions. A Cool Shot button will be on the handle of most hair dryers. You can release cool air by pressing it. You must press it continuously in order to get the cool blast, however. That is not a big deal, but it is annoying.


With a hair dryer, how many attachments are needed? More attachments have more styling options you can create. There are typically two concentrators included. Many hair dryers come with 3 or more concentrators. Additionally, there are few hairdryers with a diffusor that is specially designed for people with fine and thin hair.

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