Does the hair transplant hurt?


In the population of hair loss, a large part of the patients with hair loss is baldness. At present, hair transplantation is the most effective way to solve the problem of hair loss. So, what are the precautions for hair transplantation for baldness? Below, the Beijing hair transplant experts will introduce three points of attention for bald hair transplants.

There are three precautions for bald hair transplantation:

1. To determine whether you are still in the hair loss period

Baldness is generally caused by a large amount of hair loss. If the patient with baldness is still in a period of a large amount of hair loss, it is temporarily not suitable for hair transplantation. Because the hair has been falling out, it is not certain which part of the hair is healthy, even after the hair transplantation, it may still be possible. Will fall off again.

2. It is necessary to determine whether the hair follicles available for extraction in the posterior occiput are sufficient

When choosing hair transplantation, all hair friends want the hair that grows after hair transplantation to grow healthily. Only by choosing autologous hair follicle transplantation can this effect be achieved. When choosing autologous hair follicle transplantation, the patient’s own back occiput should have sufficient hair follicles for extraction, So as to cover the hair loss area on the top of the head.

3. Determine what kind of hair transplant technology to choose

At present, there are many kinds of hair transplant techniques for baldness. Patients should choose the best hair transplant technique according to their actual situation, what kind of effect they require, and many other factors, so as to achieve the ideal hair transplant effect
Reminder: For hair transplant surgery, you must choose a regular hair transplant hospital. Only regular hair transplant hospitals have a complete hair transplant surgery plan, and only experienced hair transplant experts can effectively guarantee the effect of hair transplant surgery.


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