Pokemon go failed to detect location

Pokemon go failed to detect location

Pokémon Go keeps on being an immense hit, with a huge number of individuals all throughout the planet playing this amazing augmented reality mobile game, but still, it has not been all plain cruising, with numerous players encountering Pokémon go failed to detect location error. It is unnecessary to specify that Pokémon Go requires attaining your location when you are playing it. This specific location-based characteristic of the game is something that has been probably the best component. It is the sole exclusive justification which the game isn’t just mainstream yet additionally perhaps the most downloaded game. It is subsequently imperative to defeat failed to detect location error in this game. So on the off chance that you end up with ‘Pokémon go failed to detect location error’ circumstance read this article and fix it.

Reasons for Pokémon Go failed to detect the location

While there could be a couple of potential explanations behind getting Pokémon Go failed to detect location on your mobile, however, the most likely ones are:

  • One of the most common reasons for this could be that you at someplace where your mobile can’t get or trouble to have a GPS signal. That’s why the game is having difficulty accessing your location.
  • Another most conceivable reason for it is that you have enabled mock location settings on your gadget.

Solutions for Pokémon Go failed to detect location error:

This error is very normal and both android or iPhone players can experience it. In the event that you play Pokémon Go, you would have realized that the Pokémon go failed to detect location error can be very baffling. Fortunately, it is nothing but an exceptionally basic blunder and you can undoubtedly resolve it all alone. Below we have assembled a rundown of various solutions to tackle Pokémon Go failed to detect location on both iOS and Android.

Solution 1: Restart and ensure location services are enabled on your device

A quite common and easy method that has been demonstrated extremely valuable in numerous technical glitches is rebooting your gadget. Most of the time Pokémon Go failed to detect locations just because of the location or GPS signals issue. Now that’s where we will check and ensure that the location’s administrations are empowered on your android/iOS devices or not. Just simply restart your device, enable GPS, and try the game again. This is a basic fix for Pokémon Go failed to detect location issues. The strategy includes rebooting your cell phone and afterward turning on the GPS again. This solution has been demonstrated helpful on many occasions.  Let’s check out the easy steps:

  • Step 1:

    Simply press the power button of your gadget for a couple of moments. A menu will show up from where you need to pick the ‘Power off’ or ‘Restart’ alternative. Press the restart, the gadget will restart in almost no time now. Ideally, it will eliminate all of the shortcomings or technical issues.

  • Step 2:

    When the gadget has been restarted, turn on the GPS again. And now attempt to play the game and check whether the error still exists

Playing out a reboot on your gadget is the easiest and basic solution for Pokémon Go failed to detect location. Truth be told, restarting and rebooting a device is probably the most ideal approach to fix numerous minor technical glitches on your gadget. It requires a couple of moments to reboot your smartphone, so it is consistently worth trying it.

Solution 2: Disable mock locations in developer options

In this subsequent solution, we will go through a somewhat progressed course trying to resolve failed to detect location issues that you are encountering while playing Pokémon GO on your smartphone especially Android. This mock location option is assistance offered by Android devices that permits the developer client to utilize a phony area for testing purposes. You will definitely experience Pokémon Go Error 12 if the mock location is empowered in your Android gadget. Follow the simple steps underneath to nullify this issue:

  • Step 1: Open the settings of your device and select the About setting option.
  • Step 2: Now find and tap on Build Number several times until a toast saying ‘You are presently a developer’ appears.
  • Step 3: Build number to eliminate Pokémon go failed to detect location.
  • Step 4: Now return to the settings menu and select the Developer option.
  • Step 5: Enable that developer option by tapping on the key button at the top of the screen.
  • Step6: Scroll down to the Debugging area and tap on select mock location.
  • Step 7: Now tap ‘Nothing’. Restart your gadget and check whether the issue still occurs.

This technique should work and solve the failed-to-detect location error in light of the fact that the most recent Android security update has fixed this mock location choice, which the greater part of the Pokémon GO clients was utilizing to imitate their location.

Solution 3: Clear and Reset Po-Go Data and Log Back In

On the off chance that things are as yet unchanged, here is the final solution that may go about as your guardian angel. Attempt to reset the Pokémon Go app. The applications that we use in our gadgets every now and again gather covered-up things like reserves. These segments when put away in the gadget intensely can occupy the room subsequently keeping the application away to perform well. What’s more, this could be the reason with Pokémon Go too. This is likewise a final technique that can fix Pokemon Go failure to detect location. Mentioned steps are easy and simple:

  • Step 1: Grab your device and go to the ‘Settings’ on it. Search for the ‘Applications’ option and tap on it. There you will see the option of ‘Manage apps’. Just simply click on it to continue.
  • Step 2: From the rundown of the applications, search for your ‘Pokémon Go’ game and open it. Tap on ‘Clear data’. Affirm the action by tapping on ‘Clear cache’ trailed by clear data. This will reset all the information from your Pokémon Go. Consequently, you need to again sign to play the free game.

We trust the solutions referenced here in this article have helped you in fixing Pokémon GO failure to detect location errors. More error


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