How to fix cracked dashboard

How to fix cracked dashboard

If you are a car driver or owner of a car, you will know how frustrating it is to listen to harsh noise from your car’s cracked dashboard. Especially when you are driving your car on a bumpy road, you will hear the harsh noise much more from your cracked dashboard.

If you know how to fix cracked dashboard, it will be a massive advantage for you as most people do not repair their cracked dashboard as they have to take their car into a garage and pay a high amount of money to the garage owner for repairing their cracked dashboard. Still, if you know how to repair a cracked dashboard yourself, you can save both your essential time and the expensive expenditure for fixing your cracked dashboard.

If your car dashboard is cracked, dust particles and debris will enter your broken dashboard, making your car dirty. As a car owner, I think not a single car enthusiast wants to make their car unclean.

Now my question is if you know how to fix a cracked dashboard then why should you hear or tolerate the harsh noise of your cracked dashboard because to repair a cracked dashboard you do not have to go to a garage and you do not have to pay a lot’s of money to repair your cracked dashboard. You have to pay under $40 to repair cracked dashboard only you have to buy glue from the market then you have to prepare it by this way you can very quickly improve the cracked dashboard of your car.

Every owner wants to get positive reviews and good words from their closest person like friends and relatives. But if your closest person has a ride and notices your car’s cracked dashboard, they will have a wrong impression about the cracked dashboard. Suppose if they are wearing a sunglass and kept it on a car dashboard then it is sure that the sunglass will fall from a dashboard and break and by watching all these things, they will have a bad impression about the car’s cracked dashboard and the interior parts of your car. So at the end of the day, it’s not only about caring about the outer beauty of your vehicle but also you must take care of the interior of your cars like the dashboard and car seat cover and much more things that are really essential.

How to fix cracked dashboard

Now within few steps, we are going to describe how to fix the cracked dashboard for which you are waiting eagerly

At first, you must rub the area very well where you are going to use the glue. Rub the area with 280 grit sandpaper. If you do a good rubbing to an area where you are going to apply the glue, only the glue will fix it.

After that, you must clean the dust particles and debris cleanly, and then you should decide whether the area is appropriately pure or not to use the glue on it.

Next, you should use give your concentration to mixing the epoxy adhesive properly. If it is not mixed properly, you must follow a few steps to mix epoxy glue properly. basically, you are going to get two different color ingredients. One is epoxy glue and the other one is amino glue. You can use an amino binder so that you can mix the two epoxy glue properly.

After mixing the glue properly you must use the bond before 15 minutes. So that you can use the glue before it dries up.

Now you must give 24 hours to the epoxy glue. After that, you must reapply the glue inside your cracked dashboard. After that wait for 24 hours to set the glue properly.

After fixing the glue properly. You can use sandpaper to give your cracked dashboard a proper shape which I think every car enthusiast wants.


What are you waiting for I think you have learned how to fix a cracked dashboard just with a few easy steps. Now the time has come to apply what you have learned from our guides. To know it properly you can watch youtube videos. After reading this guide you can do it by yourself then you can share this article with your friends suffering from cracked dashboard problems. If you want to know more information.If you want know more information go visit our home page.


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