Why Choose VPS India over Shared Hosting?

Why Choose VPS India over Shared Hosting?

No matter what you are about to start online, you will always choose shared hosting at your initial stage. This is because people find it most convenient, whether it is in terms of cost, management, or resources. But the question is, how long will it last? For sure, not so long. 

For longevity, stability, and reliability, you should choose VPS India. VPS Hosting gives users a better user experience because of its independent resources, high privacy, and dedicated customer support. 

In the upcoming section of this article, you will learn about the difference between shared and VPS hosting and the reasons to choose VPS Server India. 

Difference between Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting India

Shared hosting means shared server space. Along with your website, there will be many other websites that will be hosted on the same server as yours. Whereas VPS Hosting gives you completely separate space to host your website in an independent environment.

● Shared hosting, your website is hosted on a shared IP address, whereas with VPS Hosting, 

● A website gets no privacy and also remains at high risk while hosted on shared hosting, whereas VPS Hosting offers an SSL certificate and DDoS protection to keep your website secure from cyber thefts.

● While shared hosting works best for small websites, a VPS server is perfect for small to medium businesses, eCommerce stores, and large personal websites. 

● With shared hosting, you neither could change your server settings nor you could scale your resources. But with VPS Hosting India, you get complete root access and can modify your server settings the way you want. Also, scale up and down your server resources as per your business requirement. 

Reasons to Choose the VPS Server India

After reading the difference between both the hosting options, you must have understood that choosing VPS India is a wise decision. But to give you more deep insights, here I have added a few reasons to support my point. 

You Need Top-Tier Security

With growing traffic, your website attracts a lot of hackers too. If these hackers found any loophole in your account, they will steal all your confidential data and information. However, at this stage, you require top-tier security, which VPS India can only offer. 

VPS Hosting offers end-to-end encryption, antiviruses, firewall, the opportunity to install custom security software and applications, etc. If you want to know how to solve the error  ‘\u’ used without hex digits in character string starting “”c:\u”  visit this page.

  1. Heavy Traffic is Expected in Near Future

When you have a new website, shared hosting easily handles your traffic. In contrast, if you expect your website traffic to rise in the future, you should consider VPS India. VPS Hosting offers independent resources with 99.99% uptime to handle heavy traffic easily.  

  1. Faster Loading Speed is Necessary

According to Google’s speed algorithm, only fast-loading websites can rank in SERP. Therefore, if you want to rank your website in the top positions of search engines, VPS India is the best choice to make.  

VPS Hosting India offers unmatchable speed to load your web pages in less than 2 seconds. 

  1. Need Custom Server Configurations

With VPS India, users get complete root access, so if they wish to change server settings or configurations, they can do that. For this, they will not be required to get permission from their hosting provider. Also, they get complete freedom to install any custom software or applications on their server to support their business requirements. 

  1. Choice of Operating System

With Shared hosting, you do not get a choice to choose your own operating system. Whatever OS your web hosting provider offers you, you have to work according to that. But, the VPS Hosting India provider never pre-install the operating system for you. You can either choose Linux or windows and get it installed according to your requirement. 

Find the One-Stop Place to Buy Cheap VPS Hosting India

Before buying the VPS Server, make sure you choose the right web hosting provider in India. A lot of web hosting companies in the market that promise to offer VPS hosting at cheap prices, but they don’t give the updated technology server. To overcome this issue, I am going to introduce one such web host that offers updated technology servers at the cheapest price – Wise Solution. 

Wise Solution is the leading VPS Hosting provider in India. Connecting with this company for VPS server India, you will get the following benefits:

● 99.99% uptime

● 7 days money-back assurance

● 24/7 customer support

● SSL certificate

● SSD Storage

● Control Panel/WHM (cPanel/Plesk)

● Choice of operating system (Linux/Windows)

● Advanced security features and measures

● Complete Root Control


I hope this article will help you understand why VPS Hosting India is the best choice to make. No matter which site you want to run online, VPS Hosting will never let your site go down and always give your visitors a satisfactory experience. VPS is well known in the industry for providing the highest uptime, reliability, flexibility, stability, customer support, etc. So, leave your shared hosting today and switch to VPS hosting in India by Wise Solution to get the best results in the future. 


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