Speed ​​up the internet quickly

Speed ​​up the internet quickly

I’m sure you’ve found lots of articles and even suggestions from some of your friends on how to make your computer run faster. Everyone seems to be giving you advice, but you’re still having problems and tired of it! Relax and take a deep breath, and here are some basic tips. Speeding up the internet is not that difficult. I’m going to make it really easy for you, and you don’t have to be a computer geek for this to work.

Internet speed

The first thing to remember is that you never download a program, especially freeware, without reading Fingerprints. Most of the free computer programs attack your computer with spyware and other terrible things and eventually slow down the internet and your computer. If your PC is already infected with spyware, you can download a major spyware remover called adware. This scans your personal computer and removes spyware and cookies that track your web browsing habits.

Step 2 and another way to speed up your PC and internet connection is to follow these important steps: Click Start, click Run, and enter the word MSConfig in the Run drop-down menu. Then go to the Startup tab and remove all programs except your antivirus software and any other programs that should have been running when Windows started. Be careful not to remove the programs that Windows needs to boot and function properly. If you’re not sure about a program, you can search Google and find many sites that can help you decide if the program you want to remove is important. This tip will dramatically increase your computer’s boot time!

Step 3 is done almost every day, but it clears the internet cache. Do the following:

Go to the control panel accessible from the home button and click Internet Options. Go to a temporary internet file and clear the history. We also recommend setting your internet history to a maximum of 2 days. The next step is to delete temporary internet files that contain offline content. Last but not least, delete cookies. However, be aware that deleting cookies also remove useful information from your computer.

These steps are the basics that you can follow to speed up your internet connection quickly. You can check your speed at tmspeedtest. We also recommend that you check your computer for viruses every week. If you do not have antivirus software, get one. You will be happy with what you have done. A single virus can cause havoc on your computer. Before and after making these simple changes, be sure to test your connection speed, whether broadband or dial-up, to see if the fixes you made worked.

Of course, there are many other things you can do to make your online experience more enjoyable. The Internet is a great place to find lots of valuable articles and ideas that can help speed up your computer and internet connection. Google it!

By following these basic steps, you can become a happier surfer and regain your trust in the World Wide Web.

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