Time management tips to achieve your goals

Time management tips to achieve your goals

In the realm of Physics time is looked upon as a literal landscape. Meaning we are traveling through a landscape when we move through the beginning of life until our very end. In the philosophical realm, it is far more different. 

An arrow that only moves forward. Is it fast or is it slow? Well, for a turtle it is slower than what it is for us, philosophically speaking. The only way to escape the clutches of time is to dwell at the event horizon of a black hole or be traveling at the speed of light. So far only two possibilities have been discovered but never experienced. 

We are probably ages away from the expertise to manipulate space and time, unfortunately. One way to sync in with the flow is adaptability. Considering our quest to achieve our goals and keep up with the framework of lifestyle thus emerged will require days to be longer than twenty-four hours, weeks to be longer than seven days, even bigger months, and eventually bigger years. But our lifespan remains the same. Essay writing services professionals. But, they also provide services within the deadline. You are only a few clicks away from the assignment help site.

 An absurd imagination yet I believe some time or other an individual wishes for the same. Achieving our targets is what we are taught ever since kindergarten up until the very end of our education. In the military, it is the norm of the hour or probably the entire service span. Eventually our whole life span we are meant to accomplish our goals within the best possible time frame. 

The main principle of this article is to outline certain aspects to help you achieve your goals in time. Dedicated to students, this article, in general, will help to apply such practices in practical life even after education. Following is a list of checklist inductees.


The first and foremost that tops the checklist is dedication. Our dedication to our goals determines our motivation and seriousness for the same. Being too serious definitely takes the fun away and turns the quest into a boredom-causing episode. 

Simultaneously neglecting the goal of being less serious eliminates the possibility of timely completion to a greater extent. A balanced approach is critical. Based on the priority of the goals to be completed at hand, dedication levels must be determined. For instance, if your goal is to crack one of the toughest exams, about a hundred percent dedication is crucial. 

Or if it simply is the completion of homework a considerably smaller amount of dedication is just enough to acquire the homework answers irrespective of the source. Staying dedicated to long-term goals is difficult especially with our own mind that keeps diverting. Learning to refocus is an essential skill that needs to be developed to practice dedication. 


For some inspiration and motivation are the same things. Both mean the same yet there is a considerate difference between the two. Motivation is something that we draw from sources that are either being searched or given. 

Whereas, Inspiration is a self-propelled phenomenon. It moves from mind to mind without the presence of a search or inculcation. The sheer energy that will keep you perceiving your goal is nothing but inspiration. A rightful approach toward staying inspired does not lie in motivational approaches but rather a state of mind that is devoid of divesting itself from the track. 

Naturally, the self is synced into the channel of inspirational energy flow. Being in such a mindset eventually results in attaining the goal with a pure dedication which is a prerequisite as discussed earlier. Developing such a state of mind comes with sacrifices essential but worth it for achieving the goal. 


Once the pre-preparation is in place, now is the time to establish a foresight that leads us to visualize our goal. Foresight is a very crucial tool to have our goals completed in the provided time. Let’s say for example you are writing an academic assignment. 

Planning is crucial to execute such a task with ease as multiple aspects need to be addressed for the completion of the same, naming a few to research for the academic assignment help, literature review, calculations if any, methodology, etc. 

It can be a hassle-free task if the course of the mission is visualized before commencement through establishing foresight. A helpful piece of advice for developing the same is writing down the head points to be covered chronologically as per their priority and time consumption. 

This will help to devise a plan in a better way as the blueprint of the task at hand will be right in front of you. Also, this will help you have a judgment about the overall time required for the goal to be achieved and also helps to change or manipulate the plan if and when required.  

Organizational skills

These are effective only if self-developed rather than being followed by external sources. Of course, experience from others helps critically develop a plan and set of actions but a self-made plan is the only efficient way. 

The advantages are knowing yourself, knowing your ability to complete at what time and you can also consider your laziness or leisure time. The written schedule that needs to be developed and strictly followed to complete the goal promptly is the punch line devoid of all the fancy write-up. It only comes with proper time management and organizational skills. 

Experience is the key and also the best teacher. What we learn in our academic years plays a vital role in the development of our organizational skills. Avoid following the trend and maintain a self-propelled approach to harness such skills. 

Keeping a track of your activities simply by writing them down on a piece of paper and maintaining it throughout is effective. You may use fancy applications but then you are given a getaway to distractions in your planning through technology.


Last but not the least, meditation is the key source for completion o0f the goals within time but of course. How will it help? Staying focused and inspired. Keep your state of mind fresh. Speeds your thought process and decision-making abilities. 

Enhances your understanding. For me, the Vipassana style of meditation has helped me so far. You may look upon all the different types available and find out which suits you the most. The perks are better realized after a practical approach rather than just reading. 

It is one of the phenomenal activities that our spiritual self can experience and what makes us human.  An hour in the morning after the workout is just good enough.

The above checklist inductees are crucial for time management and successful completion of goals and have helped me so far. Having faith in yourself is something that you shouldn’t miss upon. Have fun through your journey and may victory be with you.


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