Severe acne in summer? This is the reason!


Severe acne in summer? This is the reason! Acne is actually a normal phenomenon. Most people have experienced Sacne during puberty. In other seasons, the growth rate of acne on the face is not very obvious, but every summer, under the harsh sunlight, our face will feel like a fire. The face will be very dry and uncomfortable, and acne will spread on face. So what is the cause of serious acne on the face in summer? Let’s take a look at the princess’s house~

1. Severe microbial infection

Every summer, when our face is itchy or uncomfortable, we will subconsciously scratch it with our hands. A lighter one will make our face flushed, and a heavier one will scratch our face. We know that our hands come into contact with many things every day. Without thorough cleaning, many stains and microorganisms will remain in the hands; scratching the face with hands or even scratching the face will spread the microorganisms in the hands to the face. In the wound, infection is caused, and if it is more serious, symptoms such as acne will appear. Get rid of Severe acne in summer

2. Oily skin has strong oil secretion

In the hot summer weather, the skin will secrete a lot of sweat, and oily skin will secrete a lot of oil at the same time. The combination of these oils and sweat can easily clog pores and form acne. Acne is a raised acne that grows on the surface of the skin.

3. Often eat junk food such as spicy strips

We often see La Tiao in school or in the canteen outside the school. It is very popular among students. It can be seen that most people like La Tiao very unusually. Spicy strips contain a lot of pigments and oxidants. Frequent eating of spicy strips will accumulate a lot of pigment on the surface of the skin. At the same time, the spicy strips will increase the secretion of oil, which will lead to clogged pores and a large number of acne.

4. The quality of sleep time is not guaranteed

During sleep, the metabolic range becomes wider and the metabolic rate slows down. Sleep quality and sleep time will enhance the body’s excretion of harmful substances. When the quality of sleep and sleep time are not guaranteed, the body’s metabolism is disordered, and various metabolic wastes cannot be discharged in time. They will accumulate in the skin surface tissue cells and cause pores to block, and then a large amount of sebum will be produced on the skin surface, which will cause serious acne.

Summer is also a time to love beauty. It is very tricky to have serious acne on the face, so the maintenance of the face becomes more important. The princess’s family reminds everyone to develop good eating habits, ensure adequate and good sleep time and quality, and staying up late is particularly critical for skin health.

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