These 10 skin care routines, basically everyone has been pitted! How many did you win?


Grapefruit has recently discovered a problem; no matter how much it promotes anti-fraud, there will always be some people who will still be deceived. At the same time, I also thought that skincare is the same, no matter how much skincare methods are promoted or how much skincare knowledge is told. There are still many people who will inevitably “go into the pit”!

Recently, grapefruit has collected some pitted skincare methods. I hope everyone can take skincare scientifically and rationally!

Need to replenish skin after 10,000 years of dehydration

I started to check in the winter a few years ago and found that whether it is spring or autumn or winter or summer, many skin problems can be classified into this man who lacks skin moisture. At every turn, the skin is dehydrated, and the skin is dry-dehydrated! The skin is oily-lack of water. It can even be dehydrated if the skin has severe acne, and I can’t help it!

Wash your face, Must have the strongest cleaning power?

Wash your face

It’s summer. It’s normal to sweat and get oily, but many little fairies always feel that they haven’t washed them well, or they like the feeling of strong cleansing. They only focus on removing the oil. But in fact, long-term use of cleansing products with strong cleaning power will not help control oil; if things go on like this, it may have the opposite effect.

Oily skin is related to temperature, diet, mood, hormones, and even innate factors. If you only focus on cleanliness, then you are in a misunderstanding.

Sunscreen must remove makeup + cleansing? Otherwise, it won’t be clean?

This actually needs to look at the SPF value of the sunscreen product. If it is low, clean water can solve it. If it is high, clean it up with cleansing products. If you don’t do other makeup, cleansing can basically meet your cleaning needs!

Excessive pursuit of cleanliness and too many cleaning steps can cause damage to the barrier, redness of sensitivity, and the loss outweighs the gain.

The eye cream is not good; Fat particles grow hard?

The eye cream does not cause the fat particles around the eyes to grow wildly. The fat particles grow wildly and are related to skincare methods and product selection. For example, skincare products are not suitable (the skincare products used are irritating, and the eye skin is thin and fragile. Tolerance), or bad skincare habits (excessive rubbing stimulation, excessive exfoliation, etc.).

Mask every day. Is everyone envious?

Yuzi friends have such people, but Yuzi is not envious. The main purpose of applying the mask is to moisturize. 1 to 2 times a week is sufficient. If it is too much, it will damage the skin barrier!

Pure natural, no additives?

Now it is a brand that claims to be pure and natural, with no additives. In fact, no addition only refers to the addition of 51 preservatives in my country’s “Technical Specifications for Cosmetics,” but the addition of other substances with antiseptic effects (including antiseptic synergists, spice plant essential oils, natural antibacterial extracts).

Remember, it is impossible to add anything at all. If you really do not add it, the risk of product microbiology exceeding the standard will be very high.

The “Cosmetics Safety Technical Specification” clearly states that cosmetics with preservatives will not cause harm to the human body, and we should be really wary of those products that use unqualified preservatives.

Alcohol sensitization is the culprit. Do you avoid it every day?

Alcohol sensitization is the culprit

Alcohol has been used in the cosmetics field for a long time, like early lotions/astringents, and some facial masks also contain alcohol. The use is that it can help the active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin quickly, so most of the skin will look red.


Turn off the light for skincare at night, Can’t play mobile phone yet?

This is actually based on personal IQ. Some skincare products need to be protected from light, but they are actually worried about ultraviolet rays. Mobile phones and lights are no longer on the list, so don’t ask such questions again!

The more you use it; It will be darker against whitening?

Grapefruit has said it many times, morning C and night A, but still can’t stand the children’s shoes who don’t like to learn, or ask, VC will meet and die during the day?

Remember, VC is only “sensitive to light” and is easily oxidized by free radicals caused by ultraviolet rays at the expense of protecting the skin from oxidation. This is called the “poor light stability” of VC. Most VC derivatives do not have this trouble. The current formula technology, even the prototype VC, can be used during the day as long as the formula is protected.


Acne knocking on the door?

Again, at present, there is no evidence in the world that chili peppers cause acne. Chili peppers can only cause allergic physique sensitivity and aggravate the body’s inflammatory response. Think about the girls in Sichuan and Chongqing; there are too many super good skins, don’t they?

Grapefruit has something to say:

Many first fairies think skincare is very simple. Skincare products can be used to make faces, but it is not that simple. There are too many twists and turns inside. For skincare, you need “a clear mind, a scientific attitude, and the principle of being responsible for your beautiful face.” Don’t waver easily and believe in rumors!


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